147 Funny Tournament Names That Will Make You Laugh and Cheer

147 Funny Tournament Names That Will Make You Laugh and Cheer

Tournament names are often serious and competitive, but sometimes it’s fun to let loose and have a laugh. Here’s a list of 147 funny tournament names that will make you smile and cheer:

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Funny Tournament Names

  1. The Great Toilet Paper Roll Toss
  2. The Rubber Chicken Fling
  3. The World’s Worst Karaoke Contest
  4. The International Pillow Fight Championship
  5. The Great Grape Stomping Festival
  6. The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest
  7. The Annual Baby Crawling Race
  8. The Great Egg Toss
  9. The International Beard and Mustache Competition
  10. The World’s Largest Nerf Gun Battle
  11. The Great Pie Eating Contest
  12. The World’s Ugliest Christmas Sweater Contest
  13. The Annual Bad Lip Syncing Contest
  14. The Great Paper Airplane Toss
  15. The World’s Worst Dancer Competition
  16. The International Air Guitar Championship
  17. The Great Rubber Duck Race
  18. The World’s Ugliest Pet Contest
  19. The Annual Bad Hair Day Contest
  20. The Great Toilet Seat Toss

    Funny Sports Tournament Names

  21. The Great Backyard Baseball Tournament
  22. The World’s Worst Soccer Tournament
  23. The International Ping Pong Championship
  24. The Great Croquet Tournament
  25. The World’s Worst Bowling Tournament
  26. The International Hula Hoop Competition
  27. The Great Frisbee Toss
  28. The World’s Worst Golf Tournament
  29. The International Limbo Contest
  30. The Great Sack Race
  31. The World’s Worst Tennis Tournament
  32. The International Badminton Championship
  33. The Great Tug-of-War
  34. The World’s Worst Basketball Tournament
  35. The International Cricket Competition
  36. The Great Volleyball Tournament
  37. The World’s Worst Football Tournament
  38. The International Rugby Championship
  39. The Great Field Hockey Tournament
  40. The World’s Worst Hockey Tournament

    Funny Video Game Tournament Names

  41. The Great Mario Kart Tournament
  42. The World’s Worst Fortnite Tournament
  43. The International Call of Duty Championship
  44. The Great Minecraft Tournament
  45. The World’s Worst Apex Legends Tournament
  46. The International League of Legends Championship
  47. The Great Rocket League Tournament
  48. The World’s Worst Overwatch Tournament
  49. The International Dota 2 Championship
  50. The Great Valorant Tournament
  51. The World’s Worst CS:GO Tournament
  52. The International Rainbow Six Siege Championship
  53. The Great PUBG Tournament
  54. The World’s Worst Fall Guys Tournament
  55. The International Among Us Championship
  56. The Great Fortnite Creative Tournament
  57. The World’s Worst Roblox Tournament
  58. The International Minecraft Speedrunning Championship
  59. The Great Super Smash Bros. Tournament
  60. The World’s Worst Mortal Kombat Tournament

    Funny Board Game Tournament Names

  61. The Great Monopoly Tournament
  62. The World’s Worst Scrabble Tournament
  63. The International Chess Championship
  64. The Great Risk Tournament
  65. The World’s Worst Clue Tournament
  66. The International Catan Championship
  67. The Great Ticket to Ride Tournament
  68. The World’s Worst Pandemic Tournament
  69. The International Carcassonne Championship
  70. The Great Settlers of Catan Tournament
  71. The World’s Worst Puerto Rico Tournament
  72. The International Terraforming Mars Championship
  73. The Great Twilight Imperium Tournament
  74. The World’s Worst Gloomhaven Tournament
  75. The International Scythe Championship
  76. The Great Wingspan Tournament
  77. The World’s Worst Brass: Birmingham Tournament
  78. The International Spirit Island Championship
  79. The Great Tapestry Tournament
  80. The World’s Worst Viticulture Tournament

    Funny Card Game Tournament Names

  81. The Great Magic: The Gathering Tournament
  82. The World’s Worst Pok√©mon Tournament
  83. The International Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship
  84. The Great Hearthstone Tournament
  85. The World’s Worst Gwent Tournament
  86. The International Legends of Runeterra Championship
  87. The Great Artifact Tournament
  88. The World’s Worst Eternal Tournament
  89. The International Shadowverse Championship
  90. The Great Kards Tournament
  91. The World’s Worst Faeria Tournament
  92. The International Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Championship
  93. The Great Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Tournament
  94. The World’s Worst The Elder Scrolls: Legends Tournament
  95. The International The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game Championship
  96. The Great Netrunner Tournament
  97. The World’s Worst Android: Netrunner Tournament
  98. The International Star Wars: Destiny Championship
  99. The Great Warhammer 40,000: Conquest Tournament
  100. The World’s Worst Warhammer: Age of Sigmar: Champions Tournament

    Funny Roleplaying Game Tournament Names

  101. The Great Dungeons & Dragons Tournament
  102. The World’s Worst Pathfinder Tournament
  103. The International Shadowrun Championship
  104. The Great Call of Cthulhu Tournament
  105. The World’s Worst Vampire: The Masquerade Tournament
  106. The International Werewolf: The Apocalypse Championship
  107. The Great Mage: The Ascension Tournament
  108. The World’s Worst Changeling: The Dreaming Tournament
  109. The International Wraith: The Oblivion Championship
  110. The Great Exalted Tournament
  111. The World’s Worst Scion Tournament
  112. The International Nobilis Championship
  113. The Great Unknown Armies Tournament
  114. The World’s Worst In Nomine Tournament
  115. The International Ars Magica Championship
  116. The Great GURPS Tournament
  117. The World’s Worst Rifts Tournament
  118. The International Savage Worlds Championship
  119. The Great FATE Tournament
  120. The World’s Worst Cortex Plus Tournament

    Funny Other Tournament Names

  121. The Great Hot Dog Eating Contest
  122. The World’s Worst Chili Cook-Off
  123. The International Pie Baking Championship
  124. The Great Cake Decorating Contest
  125. The World’s Worst Ice Cream Sundae Eating Contest
  126. The International Pizza Eating Championship
  127. The Great Hamburger Eating Contest
  128. The World’s Worst Hot Wing Eating Contest
  129. The International Taco Eating Championship
  130. The Great Burrito Eating Contest
  131. The World’s Worst Nachos Eating Contest
  132. The International Quesadilla Eating Championship
  133. The Great Fajita Eating Contest
  134. The World’s Worst Enchilada Eating Contest
  135. The International Tamale Eating Championship
  136. The Great Taco Salad Eating Contest
  137. The World’s Worst Burrito Bowl Eating Contest
  138. The International Nachos Supreme Eating Championship
  139. The Great Quesadilla Supreme Eating Contest
  140. The World’s Worst Fajita Supreme Eating Contest
  141. The International Enchilada Supreme Eating Championship
  142. The Great Tamale Supreme Eating Contest
  143. The World’s Worst Taco Salad Supreme Eating Contest
  144. The International Burrito Bowl Supreme Eating Championship
  145. The Great Nachos BellGrande Eating Contest
  146. The World’s Worst Quesadilla BellGrande Eating Contest
  147. The International Fajita BellGrande Eating Championship
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