144 Weird Team Names That Will Make You Laugh, Scratch Your Head, and Wonder “Why

144 Weird Team Names That Will Make You Laugh, Scratch Your Head, and Wonder “Why

The world of sports is filled with creativity, and team names are no exception. Some teams opt for names that are intimidating, while others choose names that are more lighthearted and fun. But there are some team names that are just plain weird. These names can make you laugh, scratch your head, and wonder “Why?” Here is a list of 144 weird team names that will do just that:

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Funny Team Names

1. The Flying Squirrels

2. The Rubber Chickens

3. The Purple People Eaters

4. The Fighting Armadillos

5. The Mighty Ducks

6. The Dancing Lobsters

7. The Screaming Eagles

8. The Flying Monkeys

9. The Naked Turtles

10. The Zombie Apocalypse

Head-Scratching Team Names

11. The Why Not Zoidbergs

12. The What the Puck

13. The Huh?

14. The Seriously?

15. The I Don’t Even Know

16. The What Is This I Don’t Even

17. The This Is Not Even a Team Name

18. The I’m Not Sure What to Call This

19. The I Give Up

20. The Team Name TBD

“Why?” Team Names

21. The Why Are We Here

22. The Why Do We Exist

23. The Why Bother

24. The Why Not Just Quit

25. The Why Can’t We Be Normal

26. The Why Do We Have to Play This Game

27. The Why Is This So Hard

28. The Why Am I Even Here

29. The Why Me

30. The Why

Other Weird Team Names

31. The Backwards Bobcats

32. The Upside Down Dolphins

33. The Inside Out Eagles

34. The Left-Handed Lions

35. The Right-Footed Tigers

36. The One-Eyed Bears

37. The Two-Headed Sharks

38. The Three-Legged Horses

39. The Four-Armed Monkeys

40. The Five-Fingered Sloths

41. The Six-Pack Abs

42. The Seven-Deadly-Sins

43. The Eight-Ball

44. The Nine-Lives

45. The Ten Commandments

46. The Eleven-Herbs-and-Spices

47. The Twelve Days of Christmas

48. The Thirteen Colonies

49. The Fourteen Points

50. The Fifteen Minutes of Fame

51. The Sixteen Candles

52. The Seventeen-Year-Olds

53. The Eighteen Wheels of Justice

54. The Nineteen-Eighty-Four

55. The Twenty-One Pilots

56. The Twenty-Two Short Films About Springfield

57. The Twenty-Three Skidoo

58. The Twenty-Four Hours of Le Mans

59. The Twenty-Five Years of Hard Labor

60. The Twenty-Six Miles of Boston

61. The Twenty-Seven Club

62. The Twenty-Eight Days Later

63. The Twenty-Nine Palms

64. The Thirty Seconds to Mars

65. The Thirty-One Flavors

66. The Thirty-Two Degrees Fahrenheit

67. The Thirty-Three and a Third Revolutions per Minute

68. The Thirty-Four and a Half Inches

69. The Thirty-Five Up

70. The Thirty-Six Below

71. The Thirty-Seven Degrees Celsius

72. The Thirty-Eight Special

73. The Thirty-Nine Steps

40. The Forty Thieves

75. The Forty-Two Wallabies

76. The Forty-Three Percent

77. The Forty-Four Days

78. The Forty-Five RPM

79. The Forty-Six and Two

80. The Forty-Seven Ronin

81. The Forty-Eight Hours

82. The Forty-Nine Gold Rush

83. The Fifty Shades of Grey

84. The Fifty-One Percent

85. The Fifty-Two Pickup

86. The Fifty-Three Man Roster

87. The Fifty-Four Forty or Fight

88. The Fifty-Five Days at Peking

89. The Fifty-Six Degrees North

90. The Fifty-Seven Varieties

91. The Fifty-Eight Minutes

92. The Fifty-Nine Seconds

93. The Sixty Seconds to Mars

94. The Sixty-One Highway

95. The Sixty-Two Miles

96. The Sixty-Three Days

97. The Sixty-Four Squares

98. The Sixty-Five Roses

99. The Sixty-Six Books

100. The Sixty-Seven Percent

101. The Sixty-Eight Degrees Fahrenheit

102. The Sixty-Nine Shades of Grey

103. The Seventy Weeks

104. The Seventy-One Degrees Celsius

105. The Seventy-Two Names of God

106. The Seventy-Three Degrees North

107. The Seventy-Four Percent

108. The Seventy-Five Days

109. The Seventy-Six Trombones

110. The Seventy-Seven Sunset Strip

111. The Seventy-Eight Degrees Fahrenheit

112. The Seventy-Nine Days

113. The Eighty Days Around the World

114. The Eighty-One Percent

115. The Eighty-Two Degrees Celsius

116. The Eighty-Three Weeks

117. The Eighty-Four Charing Cross Road

118. The Eighty-Five Degrees Fahrenheit

119. The Eighty-Six Degrees Celsius

120. The Eighty-Seven Percent

121. The Eighty-Eight Keys

122. The Eighty-Nine Days

123. The Ninety Degrees Fahrenheit

124. The Ninety-One Percent

125. The Ninety-Two Degrees Celsius

126. The Ninety-Three Days

127. The Ninety-Four Degrees Fahrenheit

128. The Ninety-Five Percent

129. The Ninety-Six Degrees Celsius

130. The Ninety-Seven Days

131. The Ninety-Eight Degrees Fahrenheit

132. The Ninety-Nine Percent

133. The One Hundred Degrees Celsius

134. The One Hundred and One Dalmatians

135. The One Hundred and Two Degrees Fahrenheit

136. The One Hundred and Three Days

137. The One Hundred and Four Degrees Celsius

138. The One Hundred and Five Percent

139. The One Hundred and Six Degrees Fahrenheit

140. The One Hundred and Seven Days

141. The One Hundred and Eight Degrees Celsius

142. The One Hundred and Nine Percent

143. The One Hundred and Ten Degrees Fahrenheit

144. The One Hundred and Eleven Days

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