139 Holiday Team Names to Spark Your Festive Spirit and Win the Team Spirit Award

139 Holiday Team Names to Spark Your Festive Spirit and Win the Team Spirit Award

The holiday season is a time for joy, laughter, and celebration. It’s also a time for friendly competition, especially in the workplace. If you’re looking for a way to get your team in the holiday spirit and boost morale, consider having a team-building activity or competition. One fun idea is to have a holiday-themed team name contest. Here are 139 holiday team names to spark your festive spirit and win the team spirit award:

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Christmas Team Names

  1. Santa’s Sleigh Riders
  2. The Gingerbread Gang
  3. The Candy Cane Crew
  4. The Tinsel Twisters
  5. The Ornament All-Stars
  6. The Christmas Carolers
  7. The Elf Express
  8. The Reindeer Roundup
  9. The Winter Wonderland Warriors
  10. The North Pole Posse

    Hanukkah Team Names

  11. The Dreidel Dancers
  12. The Menorah Masters
  13. The Latke Lovers
  14. The Sufganiyot Squad
  15. The Hanukkah Heroes
  16. The Gelt Gang
  17. The Maccabee Mighty
  18. The Miracle Makers
  19. The Festival of Lights Fighters
  20. The Chosen Champions

    Kwanzaa Team Names

  21. The Kinara Kings
  22. The Kwanzaa Queens
  23. The Mishumaa Movers
  24. The Mazao Masters
  25. The Umoja United
  26. The Kujichagulia Champions
  27. The Ujima Uplifters
  28. The Nia Navigators
  29. The Kuumba Kreatives
  30. The Imani Inspired

    New Year’s Team Names

  31. The Countdown Crew
  32. The Resolution Revolutionaries
  33. The Auld Lang Syne Singers
  34. The Champagne Champions
  35. The Confetti Crusaders
  36. The Firework Fantastics
  37. The New Year’s Eve Extravaganza
  38. The Times Square Twirlers
  39. The Midnight Madness Mob
  40. The Future Forward Fighters

    Winter Team Names

  41. The Snowball Slingers
  42. The Sledding Superstars
  43. The Ice Skating Sensations
  44. The Snowmen Squad
  45. The Winter Warriors
  46. The Frosty Fighters
  47. The Blizzard Battlers
  48. The Cold Weather Conquerors
  49. The Polar Plunge Pioneers
  50. The Winter Wonderland Wanderers

    Holiday Team Names

  51. The Holiday Hoopers
  52. The Festive Footballers
  53. The Blitzen Blitzers
  54. The Prancer Pouncers
  55. The Dancer Dashers
  56. The Vixen Victors
  57. The Comet Crusaders
  58. The Cupid Crusaders
  59. The Donner Defenders
  60. The Blitzen Bombers

    Funny Holiday Team Names

  61. The Reindeer Games Gang
  62. The Elf on the Shelf Squad
  63. The Fruitcake Fanatics
  64. The Eggnog Enthusiasts
  65. The Gingerbread House Builders
  66. The Christmas Cookie Connoisseurs
  67. The Candy Cane Crusaders
  68. The Santa’s Workshop Workers
  69. The Winter Wonderland Warriors
  70. The Holiday Hustle Heroes

    Creative Holiday Team Names

  71. The Tinsel Twisters
  72. The Ornament All-Stars
  73. The Christmas Carolers
  74. The Elf Express
  75. The Reindeer Roundup
  76. The Winter Wonderland Warriors
  77. The North Pole Posse
  78. The Dreidel Dancers
  79. The Menorah Masters
  80. The Latke Lovers

    Unique Holiday Team Names

  81. The Sufganiyot Squad
  82. The Hanukkah Heroes
  83. The Gelt Gang
  84. The Maccabee Mighty
  85. The Miracle Makers
  86. The Festival of Lights Fighters
  87. The Chosen Champions
  88. The Kinara Kings
  89. The Kwanzaa Queens
  90. The Mishumaa Movers

    Holiday Team Names for Work

  91. The Holiday Hustle Heroes
  92. The Festive Feast Finders
  93. The Secret Santa Sleuths
  94. The Office Ornament All-Stars
  95. The Winter Wonderland Warriors
  96. The Holiday Party Planners
  97. The Gift Exchange Geniuses
  98. The Caroling Champions
  99. The Ugly Sweater Squad
  100. The Holiday Cheer Crew

    Holiday Team Names for School

  101. The Winter Wonderland Warriors
  102. The Holiday Hustle Heroes
  103. The Festive Feast Finders
  104. The Secret Santa Sleuths
  105. The Office Ornament All-Stars
  106. The Winter Wonderland Warriors
  107. The Holiday Party Planners
  108. The Gift Exchange Geniuses
  109. The Caroling Champions
  110. The Ugly Sweater Squad

    Holiday Team Names for Sports

  111. The Sleigh Ride Racers
  112. The Reindeer Games Gang
  113. The Winter Wonderland Warriors
  114. The Holiday Hustle Heroes
  115. The Festive Feast Finders
  116. The Secret Santa Sleuths
  117. The Office Ornament All-Stars
  118. The Winter Wonderland Warriors
  119. The Holiday Party Planners
  120. The Gift Exchange Geniuses

    Holiday Team Names for Family

  121. The Holiday Hustle Heroes
  122. The Festive Feast Finders
  123. The Secret Santa Sleuths
  124. The Office Ornament All-Stars
  125. The Winter Wonderland Warriors
  126. The Holiday Party Planners
  127. The Gift Exchange Geniuses
  128. The Caroling Champions
  129. The Ugly Sweater Squad
  130. The Holiday Cheer Crew

    Holiday Team Names for Friends

  131. The Holiday Hustle Heroes
  132. The Festive Feast Finders
  133. The Secret Santa Sleuths
  134. The Office Ornament All-Stars
  135. The Winter Wonderland Warriors
  136. The Holiday Party Planners
  137. The Gift Exchange Geniuses
  138. The Caroling Champions
  139. The Ugly Sweater Squad
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