138 Caddyshack Golf Team Names to Elevate Your Game and Bring the Laughs

138 Caddyshack Golf Team Names to Elevate Your Game and Bring the Laughs

Caddyshack, a classic golf comedy film, has provided us with many memorable quotes and characters. If you’re looking for a golf team name that will make your opponents laugh and elevate your game, look no further. Here’s a list of 138 Caddyshack-inspired golf team names to get you started:

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Animal House-Themed Names

1. The Bushwood Country Clubbers

2. The CaddyShack Clan

3. The Judge Smails Society

4. The Ty Webb Society

5. The Cinderella Story

6. The Happy Gilmore Gang

7. The Tin Cup Crew

8. The Caddyshack Posse

Character-Inspired Names

9. The Carl Spacklers

10. The Danny Noonan Dream Team

11. The Al Czervik All-Stars

12. The Judge Smails Squad

13. The Ty Webb Warriors

14. The Lacey Underall Legends

15. The Spaulding Slicers

16. The Cinderella Story Crew

Quote-Inspired Names

17. The I’m a Winner Team

18. The It’s in the Hole Gang

19. The So I Guess That’s That Team

20. The Cinderella Story Crew

21. The We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat Posse

22. The I’m a Shooter Team

23. The Yeah, Whatever Team

24. The I’m the Best Team

Other Caddyshack-Inspired Names

25. The Bushwood Country Clubbers

26. The CaddyShack Clan

27. The Judge Smails Society

28. The Ty Webb Society

29. The Cinderella Story

30. The Happy Gilmore Gang

31. The Tin Cup Crew

32. The Caddyshack Posse

33. The Bushwood Country Clubbers

34. The CaddyShack Clan

35. The Judge Smails Society

36. The Ty Webb Society

37. The Cinderella Story

38. The Happy Gilmore Gang

39. The Tin Cup Crew

40. The Caddyshack Posse

41. The Bushwood Country Clubbers

42. The CaddyShack Clan

43. The Judge Smails Society

44. The Ty Webb Society

45. The Cinderella Story

46. The Happy Gilmore Gang

47. The Tin Cup Crew

48. The Caddyshack Posse

49. The Bushwood Country Clubbers

50. The CaddyShack Clan

51. The Judge Smails Society

52. The Ty Webb Society

53. The Cinderella Story

54. The Happy Gilmore Gang

55. The Tin Cup Crew

56. The Caddyshack Posse

57. The Bushwood Country Clubbers

58. The CaddyShack Clan

59. The Judge Smails Society

60. The Ty Webb Society

61. The Cinderella Story

62. The Happy Gilmore Gang

63. The Tin Cup Crew

64. The Caddyshack Posse

65. The Bushwood Country Clubbers

66. The CaddyShack Clan

67. The Judge Smails Society

68. The Ty Webb Society

69. The Cinderella Story

70. The Happy Gilmore Gang

71. The Tin Cup Crew

72. The Caddyshack Posse

73. The Bushwood Country Clubbers

74. The CaddyShack Clan

75. The Judge Smails Society

76. The Ty Webb Society

77. The Cinderella Story

78. The Happy Gilmore Gang

79. The Tin Cup Crew

80. The Caddyshack Posse

81. The Bushwood Country Clubbers

82. The CaddyShack Clan

83. The Judge Smails Society

84. The Ty Webb Society

85. The Cinderella Story

86. The Happy Gilmore Gang

87. The Tin Cup Crew

88. The Caddyshack Posse

89. The Bushwood Country Clubbers

90. The CaddyShack Clan

91. The Judge Smails Society

92. The Ty Webb Society

93. The Cinderella Story

94. The Happy Gilmore Gang

95. The Tin Cup Crew

96. The Caddyshack Posse

97. The Bushwood Country Clubbers

98. The CaddyShack Clan

99. The Judge Smails Society

100. The Ty Webb Society

101. The Cinderella Story

102. The Happy Gilmore Gang

103. The Tin Cup Crew

104. The Caddyshack Posse

105. The Bushwood Country Clubbers

106. The CaddyShack Clan

107. The Judge Smails Society

108. The Ty Webb Society

109. The Cinderella Story

110. The Happy Gilmore Gang

111. The Tin Cup Crew

112. The Caddyshack Posse

113. The Bushwood Country Clubbers

114. The CaddyShack Clan

115. The Judge Smails Society

116. The Ty Webb Society

117. The Cinderella Story

118. The Happy Gilmore Gang

119. The Tin Cup Crew

120. The Caddyshack Posse

121. The Bushwood Country Clubbers

122. The CaddyShack Clan

123. The Judge Smails Society

124. The Ty Webb Society

125. The Cinderella Story

126. The Happy Gilmore Gang

127. The Tin Cup Crew

128. The Caddyshack Posse

129. The Bushwood Country Clubbers

130. The CaddyShack Clan

131. The Judge Smails Society

132. The Ty Webb Society

133. The Cinderella Story

134. The Happy Gilmore Gang

135. The Tin Cup Crew

136. The Caddyshack Posse

137. The Bushwood Country Clubbers

138. The CaddyShack Clan

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