136 Stranger Things Trivia Team Names That’ll Make You the Champion of the Upside Down

136 Stranger Things Trivia Team Names That’ll Make You the Champion of the Upside Down

Are you ready to enter the Upside Down and test your knowledge of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things? Gather your team and prepare for a trivia challenge like no other. With these 136 creative and witty team names, you’ll be the undisputed champions of the Upside Down.

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Hawkins Heroes

  1. The Eggo Warriors
  2. The Demogorgon Slayers
  3. The Hawkins Power Plant Posse
  4. The Joyce Byers Brigade
  5. The Hopper’s Heroes
  6. The Byers Bunch
  7. The Wheeler Clan
  8. The Sinclair Squad
  9. The Party Pals
  10. The Upside Down Explorers

    The Upside Down Dwellers

  11. The Mind Flayer’s Minions
  12. The Demogorgon Devotees
  13. The Vecna’s Victims
  14. The Shadow Monster’s Servants
  15. The Hawkins Lab Escapees
  16. The Upside Down Invaders
  17. The Other Side Survivors
  18. The Dark Dimension Denizens
  19. The Void Wanderers
  20. The Interdimensional Travelers

    The Mysterious and Magical

  21. The Eleven’s Eleven
  22. The Kali’s Crew
  23. The Max’s Mayfield Mob
  24. The Billy’s Bandits
  25. The Dr. Brenner’s Brainiacs
  26. The Murray Bauman’s Bureau of Investigation
  27. The Dustin Henderson’s Dino-Mite Detectives
  28. The Lucas Sinclair’s Science Squad
  29. The Will Byers’ Wise Wizards
  30. The Mike Wheeler’s Masterminds

    The Funny and Quirky

  31. The Scoops Ahoy Scoopers
  32. The Palace Arcade Players
  33. The Benny’s Burgers Bunch
  34. The Hawkins High Howlers
  35. The Hawkins Pool Party Posse
  36. The Hawkins Middle School Misfits
  37. The Hawkins AV Club AVengers
  38. The Hawkins Cheer Squad Sirens
  39. The Hawkins Drama Club Thespians
  40. The Hawkins Debate Team Debaters

    The Dark and Dangerous

  41. The Demogorgon’s Dinner Club
  42. The Mind Flayer’s Feast
  43. The Vecna’s Victims’ Club
  44. The Shadow Monster’s Supper Club
  45. The Hawkins Lab Experiments
  46. The Upside Down Abominations
  47. The Other Side Horrors
  48. The Dark Dimension Dwellers
  49. The Void Creatures
  50. The Interdimensional Invaders

    The Nostalgic and Retro

  51. The 80s Survivors
  52. The Walkie-Talkie Warriors
  53. The BMX Bandits
  54. The Dungeons & Dragons Delvers
  55. The Atari Addicts
  56. The Rubik’s Cube Rebels
  57. The Pac-Man Pioneers
  58. The Nintendo Ninjas
  59. The Cabbage Patch Kids Crew
  60. The My Little Pony Posse

    The Pop Culture References

  61. The Ghostbusters Gang
  62. The Goonies Gang
  63. The E.T. Extra-Terrestrial Team
  64. The Back to the Future Bunch
  65. The Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Daredevils
  66. The Star Wars Squad
  67. The Star Trek Trekkies
  68. The Marvelous Marvel Maniacs
  69. The DC Comics Defenders
  70. The Harry Potter Hogwarts Heroes

    The Creative and Unique

  71. The Lightsaber-Wielding Wizards
  72. The Force-Sensitive Psychics
  73. The Time-Traveling Detectives
  74. The Dimension-Hopping Adventurers
  75. The Multiverse Explorers
  76. The Reality-Bending Renegades
  77. The Mind-Reading Masterminds
  78. The Telekinetic Titans
  79. The Superpowered Squad
  80. The Unstoppable Underdogs

    The Wildcard Names

  81. The Waffle Warriors
  82. The Eggo Emporium
  83. The Byers’ Basement Bunch
  84. The Wheeler’s Winnebago Wanderers
  85. The Sinclair’s Sinclair Station Squad
  86. The Hopper’s Police Precinct Posse
  87. The Joyce Byers’ Joyce’s Junkyard Crew
  88. The Murray Bauman’s Murray’s Investigations
  89. The Dr. Brenner’s Dr. Brenner’s Laboratory Lackeys
  90. The Kali’s Kali’s Cult

    The Hawkins High Teams

  91. The Hawkins High School Heroes
  92. The Hawkins High School Bulldogs
  93. The Hawkins High School Tigers
  94. The Hawkins High School Wildcats
  95. The Hawkins High School Panthers
  96. The Hawkins High School Eagles
  97. The Hawkins High School Falcons
  98. The Hawkins High School Hawks
  99. The Hawkins High School Huskies
  100. The Hawkins High School Jaguars

    The Government Agencies

  101. The Hawkins National Laboratory Team
  102. The Department of Energy Team
  103. The Central Intelligence Agency Team
  104. The Federal Bureau of Investigation Team
  105. The National Security Agency Team
  106. The Defense Intelligence Agency Team
  107. The United States Army Team
  108. The United States Air Force Team
  109. The United States Navy Team
  110. The United States Marine Corps Team

    The Otherworldly Beings

  111. The Demogorgon’s Demogorgons
  112. The Mind Flayer’s Mind Flayers
  113. The Vecna’s Vecnas
  114. The Shadow Monster’s Shadow Monsters
  115. The Hawkins Lab Experiments’ Experiments
  116. The Upside Down Abominations’ Abominations
  117. The Other Side Horrors’ Horrors
  118. The Dark Dimension Dwellers’ Dwellers
  119. The Void Creatures’ Creatures
  120. The Interdimensional Invaders’ Invaders

    The Locations

  121. The Hawkins Team
  122. The Starcourt Mall Team
  123. The Palace Arcade Team
  124. The Hawkins National Laboratory Team
  125. The Byers’ House Team
  126. The Wheeler’s House Team
  127. The Sinclair’s House Team
  128. The Hopper’s Cabin Team
  129. The Joyce Byers’ Junkyard Team
  130. The Murray Bauman’s Office Team

    The Objects

  131. The Walkie-Talkies Team
  132. The Bicycles Team
  133. The Dungeons & Dragons Team
  134. The Atari Team
  135. The Rubik’s Cube Team
  136. The Eggo Waffles Team
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