135 Redneck Team Names That’ll Make You Smile and Scratch Your Head

135 Redneck Team Names That’ll Make You Smile and Scratch Your Head

Redneck team names are a fun and creative way to show your team spirit. Whether you’re competing in a local sports league or just having a friendly game with friends, a good team name can make all the difference. If you’re looking for a team name that’s sure to get a laugh, check out this list of 135 redneck team names.

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Funny Redneck Team Names

  1. The Muddin’ Mamas
  2. The Hillbilly Hotshots
  3. The Trailer Trash Titans
  4. The Country Fried Kickers
  5. The Moonshine Militia
  6. The Redneck Renegades
  7. The Hicktown Heroes
  8. The Backwoods Badasses
  9. The Overalls and Overbites
  10. The Daisy Dukes and Dirt Roads

    Creative Redneck Team Names

  11. The Possum Pickers
  12. The Coonhound Chasers
  13. The Armadillo Wranglers
  14. The Sassafras Sippers
  15. The Sweet Tea Swillers
  16. The Cornbread and Collard Greens Crew
  17. The Grits and Gravy Gang
  18. The Hogwash Hoedown
  19. The Hayseed Hustle
  20. The Cow Tipper Crew

    Punny Redneck Team Names

  21. The Yee-Haw Hawkers
  22. The Y’all-Star Team
  23. The Fixin’ to Win Team
  24. The Bless Your Heart Ballers
  25. The Doggone Good Team
  26. The Darn Tootin’ Team
  27. The Shoot and Pray Team
  28. The Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Team
  29. The We’re All Ears Team
  30. The We’re All Talk and No Action Team

    Redneck Team Names with a Twist

  31. The Redneck Rockstars
  32. The Country Club Cowboys
  33. The Urban Rednecks
  34. The City Slicker Rednecks
  35. The Redneck Revolutionaries
  36. The Redneck Renaissance Men
  37. The Redneck Rocket Scientists
  38. The Redneck Rhodes Scholars
  39. The Redneck Royals
  40. The Redneck Ramblers

    Redneck Team Names for Specific Sports

  41. The Mud Boggin’ Maniacs (for mud bogging)
  42. The Truck Pullin’ Titans (for truck pulling)
  43. The Tractor Tippin’ Team (for tractor tipping)
  44. The Hog Callin’ Hoedown (for hog calling)
  45. The Cow Milkin’ Mavericks (for cow milking)
  46. The Corn Shuckin’ Crew (for corn shucking)
  47. The Hay Baling Bandits (for hay baling)
  48. The Fence Post Poundin’ Posse (for fence post pounding)
  49. The Chicken Chasin’ Champions (for chicken chasing)
  50. The Pig Chasin’ Posse (for pig chasing)

    Redneck Team Names for Kids

  51. The Little Rednecks
  52. The Redneck Rascals
  53. The Country Kids
  54. The Hicktown Heroes
  55. The Backwoods Buddies
  56. The Overalls and Overbites
  57. The Daisy Dukes and Dirt Roads
  58. The Possum Pickers
  59. The Coonhound Chasers
  60. The Armadillo Wranglers

    Redneck Team Names for Adults

  61. The Muddin’ Mamas
  62. The Hillbilly Hotshots
  63. The Trailer Trash Titans
  64. The Country Fried Kickers
  65. The Moonshine Militia
  66. The Redneck Renegades
  67. The Hicktown Heroes
  68. The Backwoods Badasses
  69. The Overalls and Overbites
  70. The Daisy Dukes and Dirt Roads

    Redneck Team Names for Co-Ed Teams

  71. The Redneck Romeo and Juliets
  72. The Country Couples
  73. The Hicktown Honeys and Hotshots
  74. The Backwoods Beauties and Badasses
  75. The Overalls and Overbites and Daisy Dukes and Dirt Roads
  76. The Possum Pickers and Coonhound Chasers
  77. The Armadillo Wranglers and Sassafras Sippers
  78. The Sweet Tea Swillers and Cornbread and Collard Greens Crew
  79. The Grits and Gravy Gang and Hogwash Hoedown
  80. The Hayseed Hustle and Cow Tipper Crew

    Redneck Team Names for Tournaments

  81. The Redneck Rumble
  82. The Country Clash
  83. The Hicktown Hoedown
  84. The Backwoods Brawl
  85. The Overalls and Overbites Showdown
  86. The Daisy Dukes and Dirt Roads Derby
  87. The Possum Pickin’ Pageant
  88. The Coonhound Chasin’ Championship
  89. The Armadillo Wranglin’ Roundup
  90. The Sassafras Sippin’ Shindig

    Redneck Team Names for Special Occasions

  91. The Redneck Christmas Carolers
  92. The Country Valentine’s Day Crew
  93. The Hicktown St. Patrick’s Day Parade
  94. The Backwoods Easter Egg Hunt
  95. The Overalls and Overbites Cinco de Mayo Fiesta
  96. The Daisy Dukes and Dirt Roads Fourth of July BBQ
  97. The Possum Pickin’ Labor Day Picnic
  98. The Coonhound Chasin’ Halloween Hayride
  99. The Armadillo Wranglin’ Thanksgiving Feast
  100. The Sassafras Sippin’ Christmas Party

    Redneck Team Names for Businesses

  101. The Redneck Roofing Crew
  102. The Country Construction Company
  103. The Hicktown Handyman Service
  104. The Backwoods Bobcat Service
  105. The Overalls and Overbites Painting Company
  106. The Daisy Dukes and Dirt Roads Landscaping Company
  107. The Possum Pickin’ Pest Control Service
  108. The Coonhound Chasin’ Security Service
  109. The Armadillo Wranglin’ Animal Control Service
  110. The Sassafras Sippin’ Janitorial Service

    Redneck Team Names for Schools

  111. The Redneck Raiders
  112. The Country Crusaders
  113. The Hicktown Hornets
  114. The Backwoods Bulldogs
  115. The Overalls and Overbites Eagles
  116. The Daisy Dukes and Dirt Roads Wildcats
  117. The Possum Pickin’ Panthers
  118. The Coonhound Chasin’ Cougars
  119. The Armadillo Wranglin’ Armadillos
  120. The Sassafras Sippin’ Serpents

    Redneck Team Names for Clubs

  121. The Redneck Rod and Gun Club
  122. The Country Cruisers Car Club
  123. The Hicktown HOG Chapter
  124. The Backwoods ATV Club
  125. The Overalls and Overbites Snowmobile Club
  126. The Daisy Dukes and Dirt Roads Jeep Club
  127. The Possum Pickin’ Fishing Club
  128. The Coonhound Chasin’ Hunting Club
  129. The Armadillo Wranglin’ Camping Club
  130. The Sassafras Sippin’ Hiking Club

    Redneck Team Names for Events

  131. The Redneck Mud Boggin’ Festival
  132. The Country Truck Pullin’ Jamboree
  133. The Hicktown Tractor Tippin’ Tournament
  134. The Backwoods Hog Callin’ Contest
  135. The Overalls and Overbites Cow Milkin’ Competition
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