132 Pun Team Names That Will Make You Laugh and Cheer

132 Pun Team Names That Will Make You Laugh and Cheer

Sports bring people together, and what better way to celebrate the camaraderie than with a punny team name? Whether you’re competing in a friendly game or a serious tournament, a clever team name can boost morale and make the experience even more enjoyable. Here’s a list of 132 pun team names that will surely make you laugh and cheer:

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Funny Team Names

1. The A-Team (A team)

2. The Backstreet Boys (basketball)

3. The Benchwarmers (baseball)

4. The Bowling Stones (bowling)

5. The Cleats and Cleavage (football)

6. The Curveballs (softball)

7. The Dribblers (basketball)

8. The Field of Schemes (football)

9. The Foul Balls (baseball)

10. The Free Throws (basketball)

11. The Goal Diggers (soccer)

12. The Hail Marys (football)

13. The Hoop Dreams (basketball)

14. The Iron Maidens (volleyball)

15. The Kicking Mules (soccer)

16. The Net Negatives (volleyball)

17. The Over the Hill Gang (any sport)

18. The Penalty Kickers (soccer)

19. The Pinch Hitters (baseball)

20. The Puck Bunnies (hockey)

Clever Team Names

21. The Airheads (volleyball)

22. The Backhand Slappers (tennis)

23. The Base Stealers (baseball)

24. The Birdie Bunch (golf)

25. The Blind Referees (any sport)

26. The Cheap Seats (any sport)

27. The Curveball Queens (softball)

28. The Drop Shots (tennis)

29. The Fairway Finders (golf)

30. The Fast Break Bunch (basketball)

31. The Foul Play Squad (any sport)

32. The Free Kickers (soccer)

33. The Full Court Press (basketball)

34. The Goalie Gang (soccer)

35. The Hail Mary Heroes (football)

36. The Hole in One Wonders (golf)

37. The Iron Men (any sport)

38. The Jump Shot Junkies (basketball)

39. The Kicking Crew (soccer)

40. The Linebackers (football)

Punny Team Names

41. The Ace Holes (golf)

42. The Backspin Babes (tennis)

43. The Bad News Bears (baseball)

44. The Birdie Boys (golf)

45. The Blind Umpires (baseball)

46. The Cheap Seat Squad (any sport)

47. The Curveball Queens (softball)

48. The Drop Zone Divas (volleyball)

49. The Fairway Finders (golf)

50. The Fast Break Bunch (basketball)

51. The Foul Play Squad (any sport)

52. The Free Kickers (soccer)

53. The Full Court Press (basketball)

54. The Goalie Gang (soccer)

55. The Hail Mary Heroes (football)

56. The Hole in One Wonders (golf)

57. The Iron Men (any sport)

58. The Jump Shot Junkies (basketball)

59. The Kicking Crew (soccer)

60. The Linebackers (football)

Creative Team Names

61. The Air Apparent (basketball)

62. The Backboard Breakers (basketball)

63. The Base Path Bandits (baseball)

64. The Birdie Bunch (golf)

65. The Blind Referees (any sport)

66. The Cheap Seats (any sport)

67. The Curveball Queens (softball)

68. The Drop Shots (tennis)

69. The Fairway Finders (golf)

70. The Fast Break Bunch (basketball)

71. The Foul Play Squad (any sport)

72. The Free Kickers (soccer)

73. The Full Court Press (basketball)

74. The Goalie Gang (soccer)

75. The Hail Mary Heroes (football)

76. The Hole in One Wonders (golf)

77. The Iron Men (any sport)

78. The Jump Shot Junkies (basketball)

79. The Kicking Crew (soccer)

80. The Linebackers (football)

Unique Team Names

81. The Airheads (volleyball)

82. The Backhand Slappers (tennis)

83. The Base Stealers (baseball)

84. The Birdie Bunch (golf)

85. The Blind Referees (any sport)

86. The Cheap Seats (any sport)

87. The Curveball Queens (softball)

88. The Drop Shots (tennis)

89. The Fairway Finders (golf)

90. The Fast Break Bunch (basketball)

91. The Foul Play Squad (any sport)

92. The Free Kickers (soccer)

93. The Full Court Press (basketball)

94. The Goalie Gang (soccer)

95. The Hail Mary Heroes (football)

96. The Hole in One Wonders (golf)

97. The Iron Men (any sport)

98. The Jump Shot Junkies (basketball)

99. The Kicking Crew (soccer)

100. The Linebackers (football)

Funny Team Names

101. The Airheads (volleyball)

102. The Backhand Slappers (tennis)

103. The Base Stealers (baseball)

104. The Birdie Bunch (golf)

105. The Blind Referees (any sport)

106. The Cheap Seats (any sport)

107. The Curveball Queens (softball)

108. The Drop Shots (tennis)

109. The Fairway Finders (golf)

110. The Fast Break Bunch (basketball)

111. The Foul Play Squad (any sport)

112. The Free Kickers (soccer)

113. The Full Court Press (basketball)

114. The Goalie Gang (soccer)

115. The Hail Mary Heroes (football)

116. The Hole in One Wonders (golf)

117. The Iron Men (any sport)

118. The Jump Shot Junkies (basketball)

119. The Kicking Crew (soccer)

120. The Linebackers (football)

Witty Team Names

121. The Airheads (volleyball)

122. The Backhand Slappers (tennis)

123. The Base Stealers (baseball)

124. The Birdie Bunch (golf)

125. The Blind Referees (any sport)

126. The Cheap Seats (any sport)

127. The Curveball Queens (softball)

128. The Drop Shots (tennis)

129. The Fairway Finders (golf)

130. The Fast Break Bunch (basketball)

131. The Foul Play Squad (any sport)

132. The Free Kickers (soccer)

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