132 All Team Name: Uniting People Through the Power of Sports

132 All Team Name: Uniting People Through the Power of Sports

The power of sports to unite people from all walks of life is undeniable. Whether it’s cheering for your favorite team, playing a friendly game with friends, or simply watching a sporting event, sports have a way of bringing people together. The 132 All Team Name: Uniting People Through the Power of Sports is a testament to this power. These teams, representing a wide range of sports and backgrounds, are a shining example of how sports can break down barriers and create a sense of community.

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Professional Sports Teams

  1. Atlanta Braves (Baseball)
  2. Boston Celtics (Basketball)
  3. Chicago Bulls (Basketball)
  4. Dallas Cowboys (Football)
  5. Golden State Warriors (Basketball)
  6. Los Angeles Dodgers (Baseball)
  7. Los Angeles Lakers (Basketball)
  8. Miami Heat (Basketball)
  9. New England Patriots (Football)
  10. New York Giants (Football)
  11. New York Yankees (Baseball)
  12. Pittsburgh Steelers (Football)
  13. San Antonio Spurs (Basketball)
  14. Seattle Seahawks (Football)

    College Sports Teams

  15. Alabama Crimson Tide (Football)
  16. Arizona Wildcats (Basketball)
  17. Auburn Tigers (Football)
  18. Baylor Bears (Basketball)
  19. California Golden Bears (Football)
  20. Duke Blue Devils (Basketball)
  21. Florida Gators (Football)
  22. Georgia Bulldogs (Football)
  23. Indiana Hoosiers (Basketball)
  24. Kansas Jayhawks (Basketball)
  25. Kentucky Wildcats (Basketball)
  26. Louisville Cardinals (Basketball)
  27. Michigan Wolverines (Football)
  28. North Carolina Tar Heels (Basketball)
  29. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Football)
  30. Ohio State Buckeyes (Football)
  31. Oklahoma Sooners (Football)
  32. Oregon Ducks (Football)
  33. Penn State Nittany Lions (Football)
  34. Purdue Boilermakers (Basketball)
  35. Stanford Cardinal (Football)
  36. Tennessee Volunteers (Football)
  37. Texas Longhorns (Football)
  38. UCLA Bruins (Basketball)
  39. Virginia Cavaliers (Basketball)
  40. Wisconsin Badgers (Football)

    International Sports Teams

  41. Argentina National Football Team (Football)
  42. Australia National Cricket Team (Cricket)
  43. Brazil National Football Team (Football)
  44. Canada National Hockey Team (Hockey)
  45. England National Football Team (Football)
  46. France National Football Team (Football)
  47. Germany National Football Team (Football)
  48. India National Cricket Team (Cricket)
  49. Italy National Football Team (Football)
  50. Japan National Football Team (Football)
  51. Mexico National Football Team (Football)
  52. Netherlands National Football Team (Football)
  53. New Zealand All Blacks (Rugby)
  54. Pakistan National Cricket Team (Cricket)
  55. Portugal National Football Team (Football)
  56. Russia National Football Team (Football)
  57. South Africa National Cricket Team (Cricket)
  58. Spain National Football Team (Football)
  59. Sweden National Football Team (Football)
  60. Uruguay National Football Team (Football)

    Olympic Teams

  61. Australia Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  62. Brazil Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  63. Canada Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  64. China Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  65. France Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  66. Germany Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  67. Great Britain Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  68. India Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  69. Italy Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  70. Japan Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  71. Kenya Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  72. Mexico Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  73. Netherlands Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  74. New Zealand Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  75. Nigeria Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  76. Norway Olympic Team (Winter Olympics)
  77. Poland Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  78. Russia Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  79. South Africa Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  80. South Korea Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  81. Spain Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  82. Sweden Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  83. Ukraine Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)
  84. United States Olympic Team (Summer Olympics)

    Paralympic Teams

  85. Australia Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  86. Brazil Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  87. Canada Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  88. China Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  89. France Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  90. Germany Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  91. Great Britain Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  92. India Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  93. Italy Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  94. Japan Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  95. Mexico Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  96. Netherlands Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  97. New Zealand Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  98. Nigeria Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  99. Poland Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  100. Russia Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  101. South Africa Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  102. South Korea Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  103. Spain Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  104. Sweden Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  105. Ukraine Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)
  106. United States Paralympic Team (Summer Paralympics)

    Esports Teams

  107. Astralis (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)
  108. Cloud9 (League of Legends)
  109. Evil Geniuses (Dota 2)
  110. Fnatic (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)
  111. G2 Esports (League of Legends)
  112. Invictus Gaming (Dota 2)
  113. Natus Vincere (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)
  114. OG (Dota 2)
  115. Team Liquid (Dota 2)
  116. Team SoloMid (League of Legends)
  117. Virtus.pro (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

    Other Sports Teams

  118. Harlem Globetrotters (Basketball)
  119. New York Cosmos (Soccer)
  120. San Diego Sockers (Indoor Soccer)
  121. Seattle Sounders FC (Soccer)
  122. Toronto Maple Leafs (Hockey)
  123. Vancouver Canucks (Hockey)
  124. Washington Nationals (Baseball)

    Community Sports Teams

  125. Boston Renegades (American Football)
  126. Chicago Mustangs (Soccer)
  127. Dallas Mavericks (Basketball)
  128. Houston Texans (Football)
  129. Los Angeles Rams (Football)
  130. Miami Dolphins (Football)
  131. New York Jets (Football)
  132. Philadelphia Eagles (Football)
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