130 Fun Trivia Team Names to Unleash Your Inner Know-It-All

130 Fun Trivia Team Names to Unleash Your Inner Know-It-All

Trivia nights are a great way to test your knowledge and have some fun with friends. If you’re looking for a team name that will make you stand out from the competition, look no further. Here’s a list of 130 fun trivia team names to unleash your inner know-it-all:

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Clever and Witty Team Names:

1. The Smarty-Pants

2. The Know-It-Alls

3. The Trivia Titans

4. The Masterminds

5. The Eggheads

6. The Wise Guys

7. The Geniuses

8. The Brainiacs

9. The Intellectuals

10. The Scholars

Pop Culture Inspired Team Names:

11. The Avengers of Trivia

12. The Jedi Council of Knowledge

13. The Hogwarts House of Trivia

14. The Game of Thrones Trivia Kings

15. The Star Wars Trivia Alliance

16. The Harry Potter Trivia Experts

17. The Lord of the Rings Trivia Fellowship

18. The Marvel Trivia Universe

19. The DC Trivia League

20. The Disney Trivia Dream Team

Funny and Punny Team Names:

21. The Trivia-saurus Rexes

22. The Know-It-Owl

23. The Trivia-Ceratops

24. The Smarty-Pantsaurus

25. The Trivia-Stegosaurus

26. The Trivia-Triceratops

27. The Trivia-Pterodactyl

28. The Trivia-Velociraptors

29. The Trivia-Archaeopteryx

30. The Trivia-Brachiosaurus

Science and History Inspired Team Names:

31. The Einstein’s of Trivia

32. The Newton’s of Knowledge

33. The Darwin’s of Discovery

34. The Curie’s of Chemistry

35. The Hawking’s of Physics

36. The Tesla’s of Technology

37. The Galileo’s of Astronomy

38. The Columbus’s of Exploration

39. The Magellan’s of Navigation

40. The Marco Polo’s of Travel

Geography and Nature Inspired Team Names:

41. The Globe-Trotters of Trivia

42. The Atlas-Shruggers of Knowledge

43. The National Geographic Geniuses

44. The Discovery Channel Dream Team

45. The Animal Planet Experts

46. The Nature’s Wonders Trivia Team

47. The Seven Natural Wonders Seekers

48. The World’s Wonders Trivia Hunters

49. The Earth’s Treasures Trivia Team

50. The Oceans of Knowledge Navigators

Sports and Games Inspired Team Names:

51. The Trivia All-Stars

52. The Trivia Hall of Famers

53. The Trivia MVPs

54. The Trivia Champions

55. The Trivia Legends

56. The Trivia Masters

57. The Trivia Phenoms

58. The Trivia Rookies

59. The Trivia Underdogs

60. The Trivia Team Supreme

Food and Drink Inspired Team Names:

61. The Trivia Appetizers

62. The Trivia Entrees

63. The Trivia Desserts

64. The Trivia Cocktails

65. The Trivia Mocktails

66. The Trivia Smoothies

67. The Trivia Snacks

68. The Trivia Candy Bars

69. The Trivia Ice Cream Sundaes

70. The Trivia Chocolate Chip Cookies

Music and Art Inspired Team Names:

71. The Trivia Rock Stars

72. The Trivia Pop Icons

73. The Trivia Country Legends

74. The Trivia Hip Hop Kings

75. The Trivia R&B Divas

76. The Trivia Jazz Masters

77. The Trivia Classical Virtuosos

78. The Trivia Opera Legends

79. The Trivia Broadway Stars

80. The Trivia Hollywood Icons

Literature and Language Inspired Team Names:

81. The Trivia Bookworms

82. The Trivia Bibliophiles

83. The Trivia Wordsmiths

84. The Trivia Grammarians

85. The Trivia Poets

86. The Trivia Playwrights

87. The Trivia Novelists

88. The Trivia Essayists

89. The Trivia Historians

90. The Trivia Philosophers

Miscellaneous Team Names:

91. The Trivia Unicorns

92. The Trivia Narwhals

93. The Trivia Sloths

94. The Trivia Llamas

95. The Trivia Koalas

96. The Trivia Pandas

97. The Trivia Red Pandas

98. The Trivia Axolotls

99. The Trivia Capybaras

100. The Trivia Quokkas

Creative and Unique Team Names:

101. The Illuminati of Trivia

102. The Knights of Trivia

103. The Guardians of Trivia

104. The Defenders of Trivia

105. The Avengers of Trivia

106. The Justice League of Trivia

107. The X-Men of Trivia

108. The Fantastic Four of Trivia

109. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of Trivia

110. The Power Rangers of Trivia

Team Names for Specific Trivia Categories:

111. The History Buffs

112. The Science Geeks

113. The Pop Culture Junkies

114. The Sports Fanatics

115. The Movie Buffs

116. The Music Mavens

117. The Art Aficionados

118. The Literature Lovers

119. The Geography Experts

120. The Nature Enthusiasts

Team Names for Special Occasions:

121. The Holiday Trivia Team

122. The Christmas Trivia Team

123. The Halloween Trivia Team

124. The Thanksgiving Trivia Team

125. The Valentine’s Day Trivia Team

126. The St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Team

127. The Easter Trivia Team

128. The Fourth of July Trivia Team

129. The Cinco de Mayo Trivia Team

130. The Super Bowl Trivia Team

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