128 Funny Softball Names to Make Your Team Stand Out and Crack Up the Crowd

128 Funny Softball Names to Make Your Team Stand Out and Crack Up the Crowd

When it comes to softball, the name of your team is just as important as your skills on the field. A funny softball name can help you stand out from the competition and crack up the crowd. Whether you’re looking for a name that’s clever, punny, or just plain silly, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here’s a list of 128 funny softball names to get you started:

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Puns on Famous People or Characters

  1. The Batmans
  2. The Sandlot Sluggers
  3. The Mighty Morphin’ Mullets
  4. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  5. The Avengers of Softball
  6. The Jedi Knights of the Diamond
  7. The Harry Potters and the Chamber of Bombs
  8. The Lord of the Flies and Grounders
  9. The Hunger Games: Catching Fireballs
  10. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Balls

    Puns on Food and Drinks

  11. The Battered Sausages
  12. The Mashed Potatoes
  13. The Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
  14. The Pizza Pies
  15. The Tacos and Salsa
  16. The Mac and Cheese
  17. The Chicken Nuggets
  18. The Hot Dogs and Buns
  19. The Ice Cream Sundaes
  20. The Root Beer Floats

    Puns on Animals

  21. The Mighty Ducks
  22. The Cheetahs
  23. The Lions and Tigers and Bears
  24. The Elephants
  25. The Giraffes
  26. The Monkeys
  27. The Penguins
  28. The Pandas
  29. The Koalas
  30. The Kangaroos

    Puns on Weather and Natural Disasters

  31. The Storm Chasers
  32. The Thunderbolts
  33. The Hurricanes
  34. The Tornadoes
  35. The Earthquakes
  36. The Floods
  37. The Droughts
  38. The Heat Waves
  39. The Blizzards
  40. The Hailstorms

    Puns on Sports and Games

  41. The All-Stars
  42. The Dream Team
  43. The Harlem Globetrotters
  44. The Green Bay Packers
  45. The New York Yankees
  46. The Boston Red Sox
  47. The Los Angeles Lakers
  48. The Golden State Warriors
  49. The Chicago Bulls
  50. The Pittsburgh Steelers

    Puns on Occupations and Professions

  51. The Doctors of Swat
  52. The Lawyers of the Diamond
  53. The Teachers of the Dugout
  54. The Police Officers of the Pitch
  55. The Firefighters of the Foul Line
  56. The Nurses of the Ninth Inning
  57. The Carpenters of the Clubhouse
  58. The Plumbers of the Playing Field
  59. The Electricians of the End Zone
  60. The Accountants of the Scoreboard

    Puns on Pop Culture and Entertainment

  61. The Backstreet Batters
  62. The Spice Girls of Softball
  63. The Jonas Brothers of the Diamond
  64. The One Direction of the Dugout
  65. The Taylor Swift Sluggers
  66. The Justin Bieber Bombers
  67. The Lady Gaga Grand Slammers
  68. The Katy Perry Pitchers
  69. The Miley Cyrus Curveballs
  70. The Ariana Grande Grounders

    Puns on Everyday Objects and Activities

  71. The Duct Tape All-Stars
  72. The WD-40 Warriors
  73. The Paper Clip Champions
  74. The Rubber Band Renegades
  75. The Scotch Tape Sluggers
  76. The Bubble Wrap Bombers
  77. The Aluminum Foil All-Stars
  78. The Plastic Wrap Warriors
  79. The Saran Wrap Sluggers
  80. The Ziploc Bag Renegades

    Puns on Emotions and Feelings

  81. The Happy Hitters
  82. The Sad Sack Sluggers
  83. The Angry All-Stars
  84. The Scaredy Cat Catchers
  85. The Nervous Nellies of the Ninth Inning
  86. The Excited Explorers of the Extra Innings
  87. The Worried Warriors of the Walk-Off
  88. The Stressed-Out Stealers of Second Base
  89. The Anxious All-Stars of the Around-the-Horn
  90. The Depressed Dodgers of the Double Play

    Puns on Geography and Landmarks

  91. The Mount Rushmore Mashers
  92. The Eiffel Tower Toppers
  93. The Great Wall of China Wallopers
  94. The Taj Mahal Thumpers
  95. The Statue of Liberty Sluggers
  96. The Golden Gate Bridge Grand Slammers
  97. The Sydney Opera House Smashers
  98. The Christ the Redeemer Curveballs
  99. The Machu Picchu Pitchers
  100. The Colosseum Catchers

    Puns on Science and Technology

  101. The Atom All-Stars
  102. The Molecule Mashers
  103. The Electron Explorers
  104. The Proton Pounders
  105. The Neutron Newbies
  106. The Quark Quackers
  107. The Higgs Boson Bombers
  108. The Black Hole Bashers
  109. The Wormhole Wallopers
  110. The Singularity Sluggers

    Puns on History and Politics

  111. The Founding Fathers of the Foul Line
  112. The Magna Carta Mashers
  113. The Declaration of Independence Dodgers
  114. The Gettysburg Address Grand Slammers
  115. The Emancipation Proclamation Pounders
  116. The Civil Rights Movement Curveballs
  117. The Women’s Suffrage Smashers
  118. The Stonewall Riots Renegades
  119. The Berlin Wall Wallopers
  120. The Tiananmen Square Thumpers

    Puns on Art and Literature

  121. The Mona Lisa Mashers
  122. The Starry Night Sluggers
  123. The Scream Smashers
  124. The David Dodgers
  125. The Venus de Milo Mashers
  126. The Thinker Thumpers
  127. The Great Gatsby Grand Slammers
  128. The Catcher in the Rye Renegades
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