126 Funny Race Team Names That Will Make You Smile and Cheer

126 Funny Race Team Names That Will Make You Smile and Cheer

Race team names are a great way to show your team’s spirit and personality. If you’re looking for a funny race team name that will make your team stand out from the competition, here are 126 options that are sure to get a smile and a cheer.

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Animal Themed Names

1. The Speedy Cheetahs

2. The Galloping Giraffes

3. The Hopping Kangaroos

4. The Soaring Eagles

5. The Dashing Dolphins

6. The Mighty Lions

7. The Cuddly Koalas

8. The Sprinting Squirrels

9. The Zippy Zebras

10. The Roaring Tigers

Food Themed Names

11. The Speedy Spaghetti

12. The Cheesy Quesadillas

13. The Zesty Tacos

14. The Saucy Salsa

15. The Tangy Teriyaki

16. The Sweet and Sour Chicken

17. The Spicy Szechuan

18. The Savory Sushi

19. The Scrumptious Samosas

20. The Delectable Dim Sum

Movie Themed Names

21. The Fast and the Furious

22. The Cars That Go Zoom

23. The Talladega Nights

24. The Days of Thunder

25. The Rush Hour

26. The Gone in 60 Seconds

27. The Grease Lightning

28. The Smokey and the Bandit

29. The Dukes of Hazzard

30. The Mad Max

TV Show Themed Names

31. The Top Gear

32. The Grand Tour

33. The Street Outlaws

34. The Pimp My Ride

35. The Overhaulin’

36. The Monster Garage

37. The Car Warriors

38. The Junkyard Wars

39. The Scrapheap Challenge

40. The Wheeler Dealers

Song Themed Names

41. The Highway to Hell

42. The Born to Be Wild

43. The Ride Like the Wind

44. The Little Red Corvette

45. The Radar Love

46. The Fast Car

47. The Life in the Fast Lane

48. The Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

49. The Thunderstruck

50. The We Will Rock You

Sports Themed Names

51. The Pole Position

52. The Checkered Flag

53. The Green Flag

54. The Red Flag

55. The Yellow Flag

56. The Black Flag

57. The Pit Stop

58. The Victory Lane

59. The Grand Prix

60. The IndyCar

Holiday Themed Names

61. The Santa’s Sleigh

62. The Easter Bunny Express

63. The Cupid’s Chariot

64. The Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold

65. The Fourth of July Firecracker

66. The Halloween Spooktacular

67. The Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

68. The Christmas Carolers

69. The New Year’s Eve Countdown

70. The Valentine’s Day Love Birds

Weather Themed Names

71. The Storm Chasers

72. The Thunderbolts

73. The Lightning Bolts

74. The Hurricanes

75. The Tornadoes

76. The Blizzards

77. The Hailstones

78. The Floods

79. The Droughts

80. The Heat Waves

Science Themed Names

81. The Atomic Racers

82. The Molecular Speedsters

83. The Quantum Leapers

84. The Black Holes

85. The Supernovas

86. The Nebulas

87. The Galaxies

88. The Stars

89. The Planets

90. The Comets

History Themed Names

91. The Wright Brothers

92. The Lindberghs

93. The Apollo 11

94. The Lewis and Clark

95. The Magellan

96. The Columbus

97. The Marco Polo

98. The Vasco da Gama

99. The Ferdinand Magellan

100. The Amerigo Vespucci

Mythology Themed Names

101. The Zeus’s Thunderbolts

102. The Poseidon’s Trident

103. The Hades’s Helm of Darkness

104. The Athena’s Shield

105. The Apollo’s Chariot

106. The Artemis’s Bow and Arrow

107. The Ares’s Spear

108. The Aphrodite’s Girdle

109. The Hephaestus’s Forge

110. The Hermes’s Winged Sandals

Geography Themed Names

111. The Mount Everest Climbers

112. The Grand Canyon Explorers

113. The Amazon Rainforest Adventurers

114. The Sahara Desert Trekkers

115. The Antarctic Explorers

116. The Arctic Circle Navigators

117. The Great Barrier Reef Divers

118. The Dead Sea Swimmers

119. The Niagara Falls Daredevils

120. The Victoria Falls Bungee Jumpers

Occupation Themed Names

121. The Doctors of Speed

122. The Lawyers of Velocity

123. The Teachers of Torque

124. The Engineers of Acceleration

125. The Accountants of Horsepower

126. The Scientists of Speed

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