125 Trivia Team Name Ideas to Impress Your Opponents and Win the Game

125 Trivia Team Name Ideas to Impress Your Opponents and Win the Game

When it comes to trivia, having a clever and memorable team name is half the battle. A great name can intimidate your opponents, boost your team’s morale, and even help you win the game. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are 125 trivia team name ideas that are sure to impress your opponents and help you win the game:

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Funny Trivia Team Names

  1. The Know-It-Alls
  2. The Brainiacs
  3. The Trivia Titans
  4. The Masterminds
  5. The Eggheads
  6. The Smartypants
  7. The Wise Guys
  8. The Geniuses
  9. The Knowledgeable Noobs
  10. The Trivia Kings and Queens

    Pop Culture Trivia Team Names

  11. The Avengers of Trivia
  12. The Game of Thrones Experts
  13. The Star Wars Scholars
  14. The Harry Potter Heads
  15. The Lord of the Rings Loremasters
  16. The Marvel Maniacs
  17. The DC Defenders
  18. The Disney Devotees
  19. The Pixar Pals
  20. The Netflix Nerds

    Historical Trivia Team Names

  21. The History Buffs
  22. The Time Travelers
  23. The Past Masters
  24. The Ancient Aliens
  25. The History Channel Junkies
  26. The Renaissance Rockstars
  27. The Medieval Mavericks
  28. The Victorian Virtuosos
  29. The Gilded Age Gurus
  30. The Roaring Twenties Radicals

    Science Trivia Team Names

  31. The Science Squad
  32. The Lab Rats
  33. The Element Explorers
  34. The Periodic Table Prodigies
  35. The Biology Brainiacs
  36. The Chemistry Champs
  37. The Physics Phantoms
  38. The Astronomy All-Stars
  39. The Geology Geniuses
  40. The Environmental Experts

    Sports Trivia Team Names

  41. The Sports Savants
  42. The All-Stars
  43. The MVPs
  44. The Hall of Famers
  45. The Game Changers
  46. The Monday Night Masterminds
  47. The Sunday Night Scholars
  48. The March Madness Maniacs
  49. The World Cup Warriors
  50. The Olympic Overachievers

    Geography Trivia Team Names

  51. The World Travelers
  52. The Globe-Trotters
  53. The Map Masters
  54. The Atlas Addicts
  55. The National Geographic Nerds
  56. The 50 States Specialists
  57. The 7 Continents Conquerors
  58. The Mountain Climbers
  59. The Ocean Explorers
  60. The Desert Dwellers

    Music Trivia Team Names

  61. The Music Mavens
  62. The Rock Stars
  63. The Pop Princes and Princesses
  64. The Country Crooners
  65. The Hip-Hop Heads
  66. The R&B Royalty
  67. The Jazz Junkies
  68. The Classical Connoisseurs
  69. The Opera Obsessives
  70. The Musical Masterminds

    Art Trivia Team Names

  71. The Art Aficionados
  72. The Masterpiece Makers
  73. The Mona Lisa Lovers
  74. The Van Gogh Vanguard
  75. The Picasso Prodigies
  76. The Rembrandt Rockstars
  77. The Michelangelo Marvels
  78. The Da Vinci Devotees
  79. The Monet Masters
  80. The Warhol Wizards

    Literature Trivia Team Names

  81. The Bookworms
  82. The Literary Legends
  83. The Wordsmiths
  84. The Grammar Geeks
  85. The Shakespeare Scholars
  86. The Jane Austen Aficionados
  87. The Charles Dickens Devotees
  88. The Mark Twain Mavericks
  89. The F. Scott Fitzgerald Fantasists
  90. The Ernest Hemingway Heroes

    Movie Trivia Team Names

  91. The Movie Mavens
  92. The Film Buffs
  93. The Popcorn Pioneers
  94. The Academy Award Aficionados
  95. The Golden Globe Gurus
  96. The Cannes Connoisseurs
  97. The Sundance Specialists
  98. The Toronto Film Festival Fanatics
  99. The Venice Biennale Virtuosos
  100. The Berlinale Brainiacs

    TV Trivia Team Names

  101. The TV Addicts
  102. The Couch Potatoes
  103. The Remote Control Renegades
  104. The Netflix Nerds
  105. The Hulu Hooligans
  106. The Amazon Prime Pioneers
  107. The HBO Heroes
  108. The Showtime Scholars
  109. The Starz Specialists
  110. The AMC Aficionados

    Miscellaneous Trivia Team Names

  111. The Random Facts Fanatics
  112. The Useless Information Experts
  113. The Trivia Titans
  114. The Know-It-Alls
  115. The Brainiacs
  116. The Smartypants
  117. The Wise Guys
  118. The Geniuses
  119. The Masterminds
  120. The Eggheads

    Creative Trivia Team Names

  121. The Trivia Tornadoes
  122. The Knowledgeable Nuggets
  123. The Brainy Bunch
  124. The Smarty-Pants Squad
  125. The Trivia Team Supreme
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