124 Trivia Night Team Names That Will Make You the Star of the Show

124 Trivia Night Team Names That Will Make You the Star of the Show

Trivia night is a fun and challenging activity that tests your knowledge on various topics. Whether you’re a history buff, a pop culture enthusiast, or a science nerd, there’s a trivia night out there for you. And what’s a trivia night without a catchy team name? Your team name is your chance to show off your personality and creativity, and it can also help you stand out from the competition. To help you come up with the perfect team name, we’ve compiled a list of 124 trivia night team names that are sure to make you the star of the show.

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Funny Trivia Night Team Names

  1. The Quizzards of Oz
  2. The Know-It-Alls
  3. The Trivia Titans
  4. The Brainiacs
  5. The Eggheads
  6. The Masterminds
  7. The Smartypants
  8. The Wise Guys
  9. The Geniuses
  10. The Knowledgeable Nerds

    Pop Culture Trivia Night Team Names

  11. The Avengers of Trivia
  12. The Jedi Council of Knowledge
  13. The Hogwarts House of Trivia
  14. The Game of Thrones Trivia Kings
  15. The Star Wars Trivia Masters
  16. The Lord of the Rings Trivia Fellowship
  17. The Harry Potter Trivia Wizards
  18. The Doctor Who Trivia Time Lords
  19. The Marvel Trivia Universe
  20. The DC Trivia League

    Science Trivia Night Team Names

  21. The Periodic Table of Trivia
  22. The Einstein’s of Trivia
  23. The Hawking’s of Trivia
  24. The Curie’s of Trivia
  25. The Newton’s of Trivia
  26. The Darwin’s of Trivia
  27. The Tesla’s of Trivia
  28. The Galileo’s of Trivia
  29. The Copernicus’s of Trivia
  30. The Kepler’s of Trivia

    History Trivia Night Team Names

  31. The History Buffs
  32. The Time Travelers
  33. The History Detectives
  34. The History Channel Junkies
  35. The Historical Society
  36. The Past Masters
  37. The Keepers of Knowledge
  38. The Guardians of History
  39. The History Nerds
  40. The History Geeks

    Sports Trivia Night Team Names

  41. The Sports Fanatics
  42. The Armchair Quarterbacks
  43. The Sports Experts
  44. The Sports Junkies
  45. The Sports Nuts
  46. The Sports Maniacs
  47. The Sports Addicts
  48. The Sports Enthusiasts
  49. The Sports Scholars
  50. The Sports Gurus

    Music Trivia Night Team Names

  51. The Music Lovers
  52. The Music Experts
  53. The Music Junkies
  54. The Music Nerds
  55. The Music Geeks
  56. The Music Aficionados
  57. The Music Connoisseurs
  58. The Music Historians
  59. The Music Critics
  60. The Music Legends

    TV Trivia Night Team Names

  61. The TV Addicts
  62. The Couch Potatoes
  63. The Remote Control Warriors
  64. The TV Junkies
  65. The TV Nerds
  66. The TV Geeks
  67. The TV Fanatics
  68. The TV Enthusiasts
  69. The TV Scholars
  70. The TV Gurus

    Movie Trivia Night Team Names

  71. The Movie Buffs
  72. The Film Fanatics
  73. The Movie Experts
  74. The Movie Junkies
  75. The Movie Nerds
  76. The Movie Geeks
  77. The Movie Aficionados
  78. The Movie Connoisseurs
  79. The Movie Historians
  80. The Movie Critics

    Book Trivia Night Team Names

  81. The Bookworms
  82. The Bibliophiles
  83. The Book Lovers
  84. The Literature Buffs
  85. The English Majors
  86. The Word Nerds
  87. The Grammar Police
  88. The Punctuation Police
  89. The Spelling Bee Champs
  90. The Book Clubbers

    Geography Trivia Night Team Names

  91. The World Travelers
  92. The Globe Trotters
  93. The Atlas Addicts
  94. The Map Nerds
  95. The Geography Geeks
  96. The Earth Science Experts
  97. The Environmentalists
  98. The Conservationists
  99. The Climate Change Activists
  100. The Green Team

    Art Trivia Night Team Names

  101. The Art Lovers
  102. The Art Experts
  103. The Art Junkies
  104. The Art Nerds
  105. The Art Geeks
  106. The Art Aficionados
  107. The Art Connoisseurs
  108. The Art Historians
  109. The Art Critics
  110. The Creative Team

    Food Trivia Night Team Names

  111. The Foodies
  112. The Food Lovers
  113. The Food Experts
  114. The Food Junkies
  115. The Food Nerds
  116. The Food Geeks
  117. The Food Aficionados
  118. The Food Connoisseurs
  119. The Food Historians
  120. The Food Critics

    Miscellaneous Trivia Night Team Names

  121. The Random Knowledge Team
  122. The Know-It-Alls
  123. The Trivia Masters
  124. The Champions
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