124 Funny Weight Loss Team Names to Keep You Laughing While Shedding Pounds

124 Funny Weight Loss Team Names to Keep You Laughing While Shedding Pounds

Losing weight can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be boring. One way to make the journey more enjoyable is to join a weight loss team with a funny name. Here are 124 funny weight loss team names to keep you laughing while shedding pounds:

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Food-Related Names

1. The Weigh-ing Team

2. The Calorie Crushers

3. The Carb Counters

4. The Fat Fighters

5. The Sugar Busters

6. The Junk Food Junkies

7. The Fast Food Failures

8. The Portion Control Posse

9. The Salad Sisters

10. The Smoothie Squad

Fitness-Related Names

11. The Sweat Set

12. The Gym Junkies

13. The Cardio Crew

14. The Weightlifting Warriors

15. The Yoga Yogis

16. The Pilates Posers

17. The Zumba Zombies

18. The Crossfitters

19. The Couch Potatoes

20. The Treadmill Trekkers

Animal-Related Names

21. The Cheetahs

22. The Gazelles

23. The Rabbits

24. The Squirrels

25. The Pandas

26. The Elephants

27. The Hippos

28. The Whales

29. The Dolphins

30. The Flamingos

Pop Culture-Related Names

31. The Avengers

32. The Justice League

33. The X-Men

34. The Fantastic Four

35. The Guardians of the Galaxy

36. The Star Wars Squad

37. The Harry Potter Posse

38. The Lord of the Rings Legion

39. The Game of Thrones Gang

40. The Hunger Games Team

Funny Names

41. The Chubby Chasers

42. The Fat Fighters

43. The Pound Pounders

44. The Inch Pinchers

45. The Belly Busters

46. The Thigh Thinner

47. The Arm Shakers

48. The Leg Lifters

49. The Booty Bouncers

50. The Double Chin Destroyers

Motivational Names

51. The Can Do Crew

52. The Never Give Up Gang

53. The I Can and I Will Team

54. The No Excuses Squad

55. The One Day at a Time Team

56. The Small Steps Squad

57. The Progress Posse

58. The Winners Circle

59. The Champions Club

60. The Fit Fam

Rhyming Names

61. The Weigh-ing to Go Team

62. The Calorie Crushers Crew

63. The Carb Counters Club

64. The Fat Fighters Force

65. The Sugar Busters Squad

66. The Junk Food Junkies Jamboree

67. The Fast Food Failures Family

68. The Portion Control Posse Party

69. The Salad Sisters Society

70. The Smoothie Squad Squad


71. The Weigh to Go Team

72. The Calorie Crushers Crew

73. The Carb Counters Club

74. The Fat Fighters Force

75. The Sugar Busters Squad

76. The Junk Food Junkies Jamboree

77. The Fast Food Failures Family

78. The Portion Control Posse Party

79. The Salad Sisters Society

80. The Smoothie Squad Squad

Team Spirit Names

81. The United We Weigh Team

82. The Stronger Together Squad

83. The Team No One Leaves Behind

84. The We’re All in This Together Crew

85. The Family of Fighters

86. The Band of Brothers and Sisters

87. The Circle of Support

88. The Weight Loss Warriors

89. The Pound Pounders Posse

90. The Inch Pinchers Party

Creative Names

91. The Body Transformation Team

92. The New Me Crew

93. The Healthy Lifestyle Squad

94. The Fit and Fabulous Fam

95. The Wellness Warriors

96. The Mind, Body, and Soul Team

97. The Journey to a Healthier You Crew

98. The Live Your Best Life Team

99. The I Am Enough Squad

100. The Love Yourself Team

Unique Names

101. The Weight Loss Mavericks

102. The Calorie Crushers Conquerors

103. The Carb Counters Crusaders

104. The Fat Fighters Freedom Fighters

105. The Sugar Busters Superheroes

106. The Junk Food Junkies Jedi Knights

107. The Fast Food Failures Fantastic Four

108. The Portion Control Posse Power Rangers

109. The Salad Sisters Supergirls

110. The Smoothie Squad Squad Goals

Encouraging Names

111. The We Can Do It Team

112. The Yes We Can Crew

113. The I Believe in Us Squad

114. The We’re Going to Make It Team

115. The We’re All Winners Crew

116. The We’re Stronger Together Team

117. The We’re Going to Crush It Squad

118. The We’re Going to Make a Difference Team

119. The We’re Going to Change the World Crew

120. The We’re Going to Be the Best Version of Ourselves Team

Funny Names

121. The Chubby Chasers

122. The Fat Fighters

123. The Pound Pounders

124. The Inch Pinchers

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