120 Goofy Team Names to Make Your Team Stand Out

120 Goofy Team Names to Make Your Team Stand Out

When it comes to team names, the goofier the better. After all, who wants to be on a team with a boring name like “The Eagles” or “The Tigers”? If you’re looking for a team name that will make your team stand out from the rest, look no further than this list of 120 goofy team names. From the silly to the downright ridiculous, these names are sure to get a laugh from your opponents and teammates alike.

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Funny Team Names

  1. The Flying Monkeys
  2. The Quack Attack
  3. The Purple People Eaters
  4. The Disco Fever
  5. The Bowling Balls
  6. The Rubber Chickens
  7. The Toilet Paper Rollers
  8. The Nerf Herder
  9. The Cheese Curds
  10. The Bacon Bits

    Puns and Wordplay Team Names

  11. The A-Team (for a team of accountants)
  12. The Backstreet Boys (for a team of delivery drivers)
  13. The Men in Black (for a team of lawyers)
  14. The Spice Girls (for a team of chefs)
  15. The A-Team (for a team of actors)
  16. The Backstreet Boys (for a team of singers)
  17. The Men in Black (for a team of secret agents)
  18. The Spice Girls (for a team of fashion designers)
  19. The A-Team (for a team of athletes)
  20. The Backstreet Boys (for a team of dancers)

    Random and Wacky Team Names

  21. The Purple Platypus
  22. The Exploding Kittens
  23. The Narwhal Bacons at Midnight
  24. The Bacon-Wrapped Unicorn
  25. The Cheesy Gordita Crunch
  26. The Flying Spaghetti Monster
  27. The Rainbow Unicorn
  28. The Zombie Kittens
  29. The Magical Bacon Fairy
  30. The Disco Leprechaun

    Food-Related Team Names

  31. The Pizza Pirates
  32. The Taco Bandits
  33. The Sushi Ninjas
  34. The Ice Cream Sundae Superheroes
  35. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Monsters
  36. The Jelly Bean Bandits
  37. The Gummy Bear Gang
  38. The Sour Patch Kids
  39. The Swedish Fish Mafia
  40. The Tootsie Roll Gangsters

    Animal-Related Team Names

  41. The Cheetah Girls
  42. The Lion Kings
  43. The Eagle Squadron
  44. The Shark Attack
  45. The Dolphin Crew
  46. The Penguin Posse
  47. The Koala Krew
  48. The Giraffe Gang
  49. The Elephant Herd
  50. The Hippopotamus Hooligans

    Superhero-Related Team Names

  51. The Avengers of Awesome
  52. The Justice League of Laughter
  53. The X-Men of Xtreme Fun
  54. The Fantastic Four-Eyed Freaks
  55. The Incredible Hulks
  56. The Amazing Spider-Men
  57. The Iron Men of Irony
  58. The Thor-Some Foursome
  59. The Captain America’s of Comedy
  60. The Black Panther Party Animals

    Movie-Related Team Names

  61. The Star Wars Squadron
  62. The Lord of the Rings Fellowship
  63. The Harry Potter Posse
  64. The Twilight Saga Team
  65. The Hunger Games Gang
  66. The Divergent Daredevils
  67. The Maze Runner Maniacs
  68. The Moana Moanas
  69. The Frozen Fanatics
  70. The Zootopia Zoopals

    TV Show-Related Team Names

  71. The Game of Thrones Gang
  72. The Walking Dead Walkers
  73. The Breaking Bad Bunch
  74. The Mad Men Madcaps
  75. The Big Bang Theory Geeks
  76. The Friends Forever
  77. The Seinfeld Squad
  78. The Parks and Recreation Pawnees
  79. The Office Overachievers
  80. The Arrested Development All-Stars

    Sports-Related Team Names

  81. The Harlem Globetrotters
  82. The Washington Generals
  83. The Bad News Bears
  84. The Mighty Ducks
  85. The Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story Team
  86. The Space Jam Team
  87. The Air Bud Team
  88. The Cool Runnings Team
  89. The Miracle on Ice Team
  90. The Jamaican Bobsled Team

    Video Game-Related Team Names

  91. The Mario Bros.
  92. The Sonic the Hedgehog Squad
  93. The Pac-Man Posse
  94. The Tetris Team
  95. The Minecraft Maniacs
  96. The Fortnite Fanatics
  97. The Call of Duty Crew
  98. The Grand Theft Auto Gang
  99. The The Sims Squad
  100. The World of Warcraft Warriors

    Miscellaneous Team Names

  101. The Unicorns
  102. The Rainbows
  103. The Glitter Gang
  104. The Confetti Crew
  105. The Balloons
  106. The Streamers
  107. The Party Animals
  108. The Fun Bunch
  109. The Good Times Gang
  110. The Happy Campers

  111. The Goofy Goobers
  112. The Silly Squad
  113. The Wacky Bunch
  114. The Crazy Crew
  115. The Loony Loons
  116. The Nutty Nuggets
  117. The Dizzy Dozen
  118. The Giggly Gang
  119. The Laughing Lions
  120. The Joyful Jesters
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