118 Cool Trivia Names to Impress Your Friends and Win Every Game

118 Cool Trivia Names to Impress Your Friends and Win Every Game

Are you a trivia buff who loves to impress your friends with your vast knowledge? Do you want to win every trivia game you play? If so, then you need a cool trivia name that will make you stand out from the competition. Here’s a list of 118 cool trivia names to help you do just that:

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Funny Trivia Names

  1. The Know-It-Alls
  2. The Trivia Titans
  3. The Brainiacs
  4. The Eggheads
  5. The Smartypantses
  6. The Wise Guys
  7. The Knowledgeable Noobs
  8. The Trivia Masters
  9. The Trivia Kings and Queens
  10. The Triviaholics

Pop Culture Trivia Names

  1. The TV Experts
  2. The Movie Mavens
  3. The Music Masters
  4. The Bookworms
  5. The Comic Book Connoisseurs
  6. The Video Game Gurus
  7. The Pop Culture Aficionados
  8. The Nostalgia Nerds
  9. The Fandom Fanatics
  10. The Cult Classic Crew

History Trivia Names

  1. The History Buffs
  2. The History Hounds
  3. The History Detectives
  4. The History Nerds
  5. The History Geeks
  6. The History Junkies
  7. The History Enthusiasts
  8. The History Scholars
  9. The History Professors
  10. The History Mavericks

Science Trivia Names

  1. The Science Squad
  2. The Science Geeks
  3. The Science Nerds
  4. The Science Junkies
  5. The Science Enthusiasts
  6. The Science Scholars
  7. The Science Professors
  8. The Science Mavericks
  9. The Science Explorers
  10. The Science Innovators

Sports Trivia Names

  1. The Sports Fanatics
  2. The Sports Nuts
  3. The Sports Junkies
  4. The Sports Enthusiasts
  5. The Sports Scholars
  6. The Sports Professors
  7. The Sports Mavericks
  8. The Sports Experts
  9. The Sports Legends
  10. The Sports Hall of Famers

Geography Trivia Names

  1. The Geography Buffs
  2. The Geography Hounds
  3. The Geography Detectives
  4. The Geography Nerds
  5. The Geography Geeks
  6. The Geography Junkies
  7. The Geography Enthusiasts
  8. The Geography Scholars
  9. The Geography Professors
  10. The Geography Mavericks

Art Trivia Names

  1. The Art Aficionados
  2. The Art Enthusiasts
  3. The Art Scholars
  4. The Art Professors
  5. The Art Mavericks
  6. The Art Experts
  7. The Art Legends
  8. The Art Hall of Famers
  9. The Art Critics
  10. The Art Historians

Music Trivia Names

  1. The Music Buffs
  2. The Music Hounds
  3. The Music Detectives
  4. The Music Nerds
  5. The Music Geeks
  6. The Music Junkies
  7. The Music Enthusiasts
  8. The Music Scholars
  9. The Music Professors
  10. The Music Mavericks

Literature Trivia Names

  1. The Literature Buffs
  2. The Literature Hounds
  3. The Literature Detectives
  4. The Literature Nerds
  5. The Literature Geeks
  6. The Literature Junkies
  7. The Literature Enthusiasts
  8. The Literature Scholars
  9. The Literature Professors
  10. The Literature Mavericks

Miscellaneous Trivia Names

  1. The Trivia Kings and Queens
  2. The Triviaholics
  3. The Trivia Masters
  4. The Trivia Titans
  5. The Trivia Experts
  6. The Trivia Legends
  7. The Trivia Hall of Famers
  8. The Trivia Gods
  9. The Trivia Goddesses
  10. The Trivia Champions
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