116 Nursing WhatsApp Group Names: A Comprehensive Guide for Healthcare Professionals

116 Nursing WhatsApp Group Names: A Comprehensive Guide for Healthcare Professionals

A WhatsApp group can be a great way for nurses to communicate with each other, share information, and support each other. If you’re a nurse, you may be interested in joining a WhatsApp group. Here are 116 Nursing WhatsApp Group Names to choose from:

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General Nursing Groups

  1. Nurses United
  2. The Nursing Network
  3. Nurses Helping Nurses
  4. Nurses on the Front Lines
  5. Nurses of the World
  6. Nurses Rock!
  7. Nurse Life
  8. Nursing Memes
  9. Nurse Jokes
  10. Nursing Stories

    Groups for Specific Nursing Specialties

  11. ICU Nurses
  12. ER Nurses
  13. Pediatric Nurses
  14. Geriatric Nurses
  15. Oncology Nurses
  16. Cardiac Nurses
  17. Surgical Nurses
  18. Labor and Delivery Nurses
  19. Neonatal Nurses
  20. Psychiatric Nurses

    Groups for Nursing Students

  21. Nursing Students Unite
  22. Future Nurses of America
  23. Nursing School Survival Guide
  24. Nursing Student Support Group
  25. Nursing Student Memes
  26. Nursing Student Jokes
  27. Nursing Student Stories
  28. Nursing Student Tips
  29. Nursing Student Resources
  30. Nursing Student Q&A

    Groups for Nurse Leaders

  31. Nurse Leaders of America
  32. Nurse Managers Unite
  33. Nurse Educators
  34. Nurse Researchers
  35. Nurse Policymakers
  36. Nurse Advocates
  37. Nurse Entrepreneurs
  38. Nurse Influencers
  39. Nurse Bloggers
  40. Nurse Podcasters

    Groups for Nurses of Color

  41. Black Nurses Rock
  42. Hispanic Nurses United
  43. Asian Nurses Association
  44. Native American Nurses Organization
  45. LGBTQ Nurses Network
  46. Nurses with Disabilities Network
  47. Nurses of Color Against Racism
  48. Nurses of Color for Social Justice
  49. Nurses of Color in Leadership
  50. Nurses of Color Mentorship Program

    Groups for Nurses in Different Countries

  51. Nurses of Canada
  52. Nurses of the United Kingdom
  53. Nurses of Australia
  54. Nurses of New Zealand
  55. Nurses of South Africa
  56. Nurses of India
  57. Nurses of China
  58. Nurses of Brazil
  59. Nurses of Mexico
  60. Nurses of Argentina

    Groups for Nurses in Different Settings

  61. Hospital Nurses
  62. Clinic Nurses
  63. School Nurses
  64. Public Health Nurses
  65. Home Health Nurses
  66. Hospice Nurses
  67. Correctional Nurses
  68. Military Nurses
  69. Travel Nurses
  70. Locum Tenens Nurses

    Groups for Nurses with Special Interests

  71. Nurses for Global Health
  72. Nurses for Disaster Relief
  73. Nurses for Environmental Health
  74. Nurses for Mental Health
  75. Nurses for Addictions
  76. Nurses for Palliative Care
  77. Nurses for Gerontology
  78. Nurses for Pediatrics
  79. Nurses for Women’s Health
  80. Nurses for Men’s Health

    Groups for Nurses Who Are New to the Profession

  81. New Nurse Support Group
  82. New Nurse Orientation
  83. New Nurse Tips
  84. New Nurse Resources
  85. New Nurse Q&A
  86. New Nurse Mentorship Program
  87. New Nurse Networking
  88. New Nurse Job Search
  89. New Nurse Salary Negotiation
  90. New Nurse Career Planning

    Groups for Nurses Who Are Experienced

  91. Experienced Nurse Support Group
  92. Experienced Nurse Mentorship Program
  93. Experienced Nurse Networking
  94. Experienced Nurse Job Search
  95. Experienced Nurse Salary Negotiation
  96. Experienced Nurse Career Planning
  97. Experienced Nurse Leadership
  98. Experienced Nurse Education
  99. Experienced Nurse Research
  100. Experienced Nurse Advocacy

    Groups for Nurses Who Are Retiring

  101. Nurses in Retirement
  102. Retired Nurses Association
  103. Retired Nurses Support Group
  104. Retired Nurses Travel Club
  105. Retired Nurses Volunteer Network
  106. Retired Nurses Book Club
  107. Retired Nurses Movie Club
  108. Retired Nurses Garden Club
  109. Retired Nurses Cooking Club
  110. Retired Nurses Hiking Club

    Groups for Nurses Who Are Just Looking to Have Fun

  111. Nurses Who Love to Travel
  112. Nurses Who Love to Dance
  113. Nurses Who Love to Sing
  114. Nurses Who Love to Play Sports
  115. Nurses Who Love to Read
  116. Nurses Who Love to Laugh
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