112 NHL Fantasy Team Names That Will Make You the Envy of Your League

112 NHL Fantasy Team Names That Will Make You the Envy of Your League

NHL fantasy hockey is a great way to enjoy the sport and compete with friends. One of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing a team name. A good team name can be a source of pride and motivation, and it can also be a way to show off your personality. If you’re looking for a team name that will make you the envy of your league, here are 112 options to choose from:

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Funny Team Names

  1. The Zamboni Drivers
  2. The Puck Bunnies
  3. The Ice Holes
  4. The Slapshots
  5. The Penalty Boxers
  6. The Goon Squad
  7. The Enforcers
  8. The Hat Trick Attack
  9. The Power Play Posse
  10. The Short-Handed Specialists

    Punny Team Names

  11. The Icers
  12. The Face-Off Specialists
  13. The Blue Liners
  14. The Goalies
  15. The Forwards
  16. The Defensemen
  17. The Penalty Killers
  18. The Power Play Unit
  19. The Special Teams
  20. The Zamboni Crew

    Creative Team Names

  21. The Frozen Fury
  22. The Winter Warriors
  23. The Ice Dragons
  24. The Snow Beasts
  25. The Frostbite Bandits
  26. The Blizzard Brawlers
  27. The Hailstorm Heroes
  28. The Thunder and Lightning
  29. The Wind and Snow
  30. The Ice and Fire

    Pop Culture Team Names

  31. The Mighty Ducks
  32. The Slapshot Squad
  33. The Miracle on Ice Team
  34. The Hanson Brothers
  35. The Goon Squad
  36. The Mystery, Alaska Team
  37. The Youngbloods
  38. The Ice Princesses
  39. The Blades of Glory
  40. The Cool Runnings Team

    Geographical Team Names

  41. The Boston Bruins
  42. The Toronto Maple Leafs
  43. The Montreal Canadiens
  44. The New York Rangers
  45. The Chicago Blackhawks
  46. The Detroit Red Wings
  47. The Los Angeles Kings
  48. The Pittsburgh Penguins
  49. The Washington Capitals
  50. The St. Louis Blues

    Animal Team Names

  51. The Sharks
  52. The Penguins
  53. The Bruins
  54. The Maple Leafs
  55. The Canadiens
  56. The Blackhawks
  57. The Red Wings
  58. The Kings
  59. The Capitals
  60. The Blues

    Food and Drink Team Names

  61. The Puck Drops
  62. The Slapshots
  63. The Penalty Box Specials
  64. The Power Play Platters
  65. The Zamboni Zingers
  66. The Hockey Hair Sundaes
  67. The Ice Cream Pucks
  68. The Frozen Yogurt Helmets
  69. The Slush Puppies
  70. The Root Beer Floats

    Miscellaneous Team Names

  71. The Stanley Cup Champions
  72. The Conn Smythe Trophy Winners
  73. The Hart Trophy Winners
  74. The Art Ross Trophy Winners
  75. The Rocket Richard Trophy Winners
  76. The Vezina Trophy Winners
  77. The Norris Trophy Winners
  78. The Calder Trophy Winners
  79. The Lady Byng Trophy Winners
  80. The Jack Adams Award Winners

    Team Names for Specific Players

  81. The Ovechkin Express
  82. The Crosby Crew
  83. The McDavid Mafia
  84. The Matthews Marauders
  85. The Kane Train
  86. The Kucherov Kids
  87. The Gaudreau Gang
  88. The Benn Brigade
  89. The Seguin Squad
  90. The Tarasenko Tribe

    Unique Team Names

  91. The Zamboni Drivers Union
  92. The Hockey Hair Club for Men
  93. The Puck Drop Posse
  94. The Slapshot Society
  95. The Penalty Box Alumni
  96. The Power Play Professionals
  97. The Zamboni Crew Union
  98. The Hockey Hair Hall of Fame
  99. The Puck Drop Posse All-Stars
  100. The Slapshot Society Elite

    Funny Team Names Part 2

  101. The Zamboni Drivers Union Local 69
  102. The Hockey Hair Club for Men with Mullets
  103. The Puck Drop Posse That Never Misses
  104. The Slapshot Society of Hard Hitters
  105. The Penalty Box Alumni Association
  106. The Power Play Professionals League
  107. The Zamboni Crew Union Local 420
  108. The Hockey Hair Hall of Fame All-Stars
  109. The Puck Drop Posse World Champions
  110. The Slapshot Society of Legends
  111. The Penalty Box Alumni Hall of Fame
  112. The Power Play Professionals All-Star Team
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