110 Cool Trivia Team Names That Will Make You the Brainiest Bunch

110 Cool Trivia Team Names That Will Make You the Brainiest Bunch

Trivia nights are a great way to test your knowledge, have some fun, and maybe even win a prize. If you’re looking for a team name that will make you stand out from the competition, check out this list of 110 cool trivia team names.

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Funny Trivia Team Names

1. The Know-It-Alls

2. The Brainiacs

3. The Eggheads

4. The Smartypants

5. The Wise Guys

6. The Geniuses

7. The Masterminds

8. The Knowledgeable Crew

9. The Trivia Titans

10. The Trivia Kings and Queens

Pop Culture Trivia Team Names

11. The Avengers

12. The Justice League

13. The X-Men

14. The Star Wars Nerds

15. The Trekkies

16. The Potterheads

17. The Whovians

18. The Gleeks

19. The Tributes

20. The Hunger Games

Historical Trivia Team Names

21. The History Buffs

22. The Time Travelers

23. The Armchair Historians

24. The Knowledgeable Knights

25. The Renaissance Men and Women

26. The Ancient Aliens

27. The Conspiracy Theorists

28. The History Detectives

29. The Past Masters

30. The History Channel Junkies

Science Trivia Team Names

31. The Science Squad

32. The Lab Rats

33. The Periodic Table Posse

34. The Einstein’s Apprentices

35. The Newton’s Newbies

36. The Darwin’s Disciples

37. The Curie’s Crew

38. The Hawking’s Heroes

39. The Sagan’s Seekers

40. The Tyson’s Team

Geography Trivia Team Names

41. The World Travelers

42. The Globe Trotters

43. The Atlas Addicts

44. The Map Masters

45. The Geography Geeks

46. The 50 Staters

47. The 7 Continents Crew

48. The 195 Countries Club

49. The United Nations Union

50. The World Capitals Wizards

Sports Trivia Team Names

51. The Sports Savants

52. The Armchair Quarterbacks

53. The Monday Morning Masterminds

54. The Fantasy Football Freaks

55. The March Madness Maniacs

56. The World Series Specialists

57. The Super Bowl Scholars

58. The Stanley Cup Sleuths

59. The NBA Nerds

60. The NHL Nuts

Music Trivia Team Names

61. The Music Mavens

62. The Rock and Roll Royalty

63. The Pop Music Prodigies

64. The Country Music Connoisseurs

65. The Hip Hop Heads

66. The R&B Revolutionaries

67. The Jazz Junkies

68. The Classical Music Crew

69. The Opera Obsessives

70. The Musical Masterminds

Movie Trivia Team Names

71. The Movie Buffs

72. The Film Fanatics

73. The Popcorn Posse

74. The Couch Critics

75. The Academy Award Aficionados

76. The Golden Globe Geeks

77. The Cannes Film Festival Connoisseurs

78. The Sundance Film Festival Savants

79. The Toronto International Film Festival Team

80. The Tribeca Film Festival Tribe

TV Trivia Team Names

81. The TV Addicts

82. The Couch Potatoes

83. The Remote Control Renegades

84. The Binge-Watchers

85. The Reality TV Royalty

86. The Sitcom Savants

87. The Drama Divas

88. The Crime Show Sleuths

89. The Historical Drama Historians

90. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Fanatics

Book Trivia Team Names

91. The Bookworms

92. The Literary Lions

93. The Reading Rainbow Renegades

94. The Page-Turners

95. The Wordsmiths

96. The Grammar Geeks

97. The Spelling Savants

98. The Pun-derful Posse

99. The Book Club Bunch

100. The Library Lovers

Miscellaneous Trivia Team Names

101. The Knowledgeable Nomads

102. The Trivia Trekkers

103. The Brainiac Bunch

104. The Smart Cookies

105. The Wise Owls

106. The Trivia Titans

107. The Know-It-Alls

108. The Masterminds

109. The Geniuses

110. The Eggheads

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