109 Christmas Team Names Funny Enough to Make Santa Laugh

109 Christmas Team Names Funny Enough to Make Santa Laugh

Christmas is a time for joy, laughter, and spending time with loved ones. It’s also a time for friendly competition, especially when it comes to holiday-themed games and activities. If you’re looking for a funny and festive team name for your next Christmas party or gathering, look no further! Here’s a list of 109 Christmas team names that are sure to make Santa laugh:

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Christmas Puns

  1. Santa’s Little Helpers
  2. The Tinsel Titans
  3. The Sleigh Ride Squad
  4. The Candy Cane Crew
  5. The Reindeer Rangers
  6. The Elf Express
  7. The Gingerbread Gang
  8. The Sugar Plum Fairies
  9. The Jingle Bell Rockers
  10. The Winter Wonderland Warriors

    Christmas Characters

  11. The Frosty Four
  12. The Rudolph Renegades
  13. The Grinch Gang
  14. The Scrooge Squad
  15. The Three Wise Men
  16. The Little Drummer Boys
  17. The Shepherds of Bethlehem
  18. The Angels on High
  19. The Star of Bethlehem Seekers
  20. The Baby Jesus Brigade

    Christmas Traditions

  21. The Christmas Carolers
  22. The Tree Trimmers
  23. The Gift Wrappers
  24. The Stocking Stuffers
  25. The Cookie Bakers
  26. The Hot Cocoa Crew
  27. The Candy Cane Hunters
  28. The Gingerbread House Builders
  29. The Ornament Hangers
  30. The Christmas Light Installers

    Christmas Locations

  31. The North Pole Posse
  32. The Winter Wonderland Warriors
  33. The Candy Cane Lane Crew
  34. The Gingerbread Village Gang
  35. The Christmas Tree Farm Team
  36. The Santa’s Workshop Squad
  37. The Elf Village Elves
  38. The Reindeer Stables Riders
  39. The North Pole Navigators
  40. The Christmas Star Seekers

    Christmas Activities

  41. The Caroling Crew
  42. The Sledding Squad
  43. The Snowball Fighters
  44. The Ice Skating Team
  45. The Hot Cocoa Drinkers
  46. The Christmas Cookie Bakers
  47. The Gingerbread House Builders
  48. The Ornament Makers
  49. The Christmas Tree Decorators
  50. The Gift Wrappers

    Christmas Wishes

  51. The Peace on Earth Posse
  52. The Good Will to All Men Gang
  53. The Joy to the World Crew
  54. The Love and Happiness Team
  55. The Hope and Faith Squad
  56. The Peace and Harmony Posse
  57. The Kindness and Compassion Crew
  58. The Giving and Sharing Team
  59. The Forgiveness and Mercy Squad
  60. The Unity and Togetherness Team

    Christmas Food

  61. The Turkey Trotters
  62. The Ham and Cheese Crew
  63. The Mashed Potato Mashers
  64. The Stuffing Stuffers
  65. The Cranberry Sauce Squad
  66. The Green Bean Casserole Gang
  67. The Sweet Potato Pie Posse
  68. The Pumpkin Pie Team
  69. The Christmas Cookie Crew
  70. The Candy Cane Hunters

    Christmas Drinks

  71. The Eggnog Enjoyers
  72. The Mulled Wine Merrymakers
  73. The Hot Cocoa Crew
  74. The Peppermint Mocha Team
  75. The Candy Cane Latte Lovers
  76. The Gingerbread Latte Gang
  77. The Caramel Brûlée Latte Posse
  78. The White Chocolate Mocha Squad
  79. The Peppermint Hot Chocolate Crew
  80. The Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Team

    Christmas Gifts

  81. The Gift Givers
  82. The Gift Receivers
  83. The Present Openers
  84. The Stocking Stuffers
  85. The Secret Santas
  86. The White Elephant Exchange Team
  87. The Yankee Swap Squad
  88. The Dirty Santa Crew
  89. The Christmas Carolers
  90. The Christmas Tree Decorators

    Christmas Decorations

  91. The Tinsel Twisters
  92. The Ornament Hangers
  93. The Garland Gang
  94. The Christmas Light Installers
  95. The Wreath Weavers
  96. The Nativity Scene Builders
  97. The Christmas Village Creators
  98. The Gingerbread House Bakers
  99. The Christmas Card Senders
  100. The Christmas Tree Toppers

    Christmas Music

  101. The Jingle Bell Rockers
  102. The Silent Night Singers
  103. The Deck the Halls Crew
  104. The Joy to the World Team
  105. The We Wish You a Merry Christmas Posse
  106. The Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Squad
  107. The O Come, All Ye Faithful Gang
  108. The The First Noel Team
  109. The Away in a Manger Crew
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