108 Relay Team Names That Will Spark Your Team Spirit and Drive You to Victory

108 Relay Team Names That Will Spark Your Team Spirit and Drive You to Victory

Relay races are a test of teamwork, speed, and endurance. They require each team member to give their all in order to succeed. A great relay team name can help to inspire and motivate your team, and it can also help to intimidate your opponents. Here are 108 relay team names that will spark your team spirit and drive you to victory:

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Funny Relay Team Names:

1. The Stumbling Sprinting Squad

2. The Pass-Out Posse

3. The Baton-Dropping Debacle

4. The Relay-Fail All-Stars

5. The Tripping Turtles

6. The Hobbling Hedgehogs

7. The Limping Llamas

8. The Waddling Walruses

9. The Stumbling Stallions

10. The Bumbling Bumblebees

Punny Relay Team Names:

11. The Relay-tionship Experts

12. The Baton-tastic Team

13. The Speedy Gonzales Squad

14. The Flash Mob

15. The Bolt from the Blue Crew

16. The Lightning Strikes Twice Team

17. The Sonic Boomers

18. The Cheetahs on Steroids

19. The Roadrunners Unleashed

20. The Speedy Gonzales Posse

Inspirational Relay Team Names:

21. The Dream Team

22. The Unstoppable Force

23. The Undefeated Warriors

24. The Champions

25. The Conquerors

26. The Victors

27. The Legends

28. The Icons

29. The Heroes

30. The Gladiators

Creative Relay Team Names:

31. The Relay Rebels

32. The Baton Bandits

33. The Track Terrorists

34. The Speed Demons

35. The Relay Renegades

36. The Track Titans

37. The Relay Revolutionaries

38. The Baton Brigade

39. The Relay Rangers

40. The Track Attackers

Motivational Relay Team Names:

41. The Never Give Up Team

42. The No Excuses Squad

43. The We Can Do It Crew

44. The Yes We Can Team

45. The I Believe We Can Fly Squad

46. The Reach for the Stars Team

47. The Dream Big Team

48. The Make It Happen Crew

49. The Go for Gold Team

50. The Strive for Greatness Squad

Animal-Themed Relay Team Names:

51. The Cheetahs

52. The Lions

53. The Tigers

54. The Bears

55. The Wolves

56. The Eagles

57. The Hawks

58. The Falcons

59. The Owls

60. The Dolphins

Nature-Themed Relay Team Names:

61. The Thunderbolts

62. The Lightning Bolts

63. The Hurricanes

64. The Tornadoes

65. The Earthquakes

66. The Tsunamis

67. The Avalanches

68. The Blizzards

69. The Floods

70. The Wildfires

Superhero-Themed Relay Team Names:

71. The Avengers

72. The Justice League

73. The X-Men

74. The Fantastic Four

75. The Guardians of the Galaxy

76. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

77. The Power Rangers

78. The Voltron Force

79. The ThunderCats

80. The He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Movie-Themed Relay Team Names:

81. The Fast and the Furious

82. The Lord of the Rings

83. The Harry Potter

84. The Star Wars

85. The Marvel Cinematic Universe

86. The DC Extended Universe

87. The Hunger Games

88. The Twilight Saga

89. The Maze Runner

90. The Divergent

Song-Themed Relay Team Names:

91. We Will Rock You

92. Don’t Stop Believin’

93. Eye of the Tiger

94. We Are the Champions

95. I Will Survive

96. Born to Run

97. Livin’ on a Prayer

98. Sweet Caroline

99. Bohemian Rhapsody

100. YMCA

Historical Relay Team Names:

101. The Spartans

102. The Romans

103. The Greeks

104. The Egyptians

105. The Chinese

106. The Indians

107. The Mayans

108. The Aztecs

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