105 Disney Team Names for Your Magical Sports Squad

105 Disney Team Names for Your Magical Sports Squad

Disney characters and stories have captured the imaginations of people of all ages for decades. Their magical worlds and lovable characters provide the perfect inspiration for creating team names that are both fun and memorable. Whether you’re looking for a name for your sports team, your fantasy football league, or just a group of friends who love Disney, these 105 team names are sure to fit the bill.

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Classic Disney Characters

  1. Mickey’s Mighty Mousketeers
  2. Donald’s Ducky Derby
  3. Goofy’s Goofyballers
  4. Pluto’s Playful Pups
  5. Minnie’s Marvelous Mice
  6. Daisy’s Delightful Ducks
  7. Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Cheeky Chipmunks
  8. Clarabelle’s Classy Cows
  9. Horace Horsecollar’s Happy Hooligans
  10. Scrooge McDuck’s Moneybags Mavericks

    Disney Princesses

  11. Cinderella’s Glass Slipper Squad
  12. Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs
  13. Aurora’s Dreamy Dancers
  14. Ariel’s Undersea All-Stars
  15. Belle’s Bookworms
  16. Jasmine’s Magic Carpet Crew
  17. Pocahontas’ Powhatan Warriors
  18. Mulan’s Mighty Warriors
  19. Tiana’s Bayou Bulldogs
  20. Rapunzel’s Towering Titans

    Disney Villains

  21. Maleficent’s Malicious Minions
  22. Ursula’s Sea Witch Sirens
  23. Jafar’s Sly Serpents
  24. Cruella de Vil’s Dalmatian Devils
  25. Gaston’s Gruesome Gunners
  26. Scar’s Savage Lions
  27. Hades’ Hellish Hotshots
  28. Captain Hook’s Pirate Pillagers
  29. Yzma’s Yucky Yahoos
  30. Mother Gothel’s Tangled Thugs

    Disney Animals

  31. Simba’s Pridelands Pride
  32. Nala’s Noble Lions
  33. Timon and Pumbaa’s Hakuna Matata Hooligans
  34. Rafiki’s Wise Monkeys
  35. Baloo’s Bare Necessities Brigade
  36. Bagheera’s Black Panther Battalion
  37. Kaa’s Coiling Constrictors
  38. Shere Khan’s Tiger Team
  39. Dumbo’s Flying Elephants
  40. Bambi’s Forest Friends

    Disney Movies

  41. The Lion King’s Circle of Life Champions
  42. The Little Mermaid’s Under the Sea Squad
  43. Beauty and the Beast’s Enchanted Rose Renegades
  44. Aladdin’s Genie’s Lamp Legends
  45. Mulan’s Matchless Warriors
  46. Pocahontas’ Colors of the Wind Warriors
  47. The Hunchback of Notre Dame’s Bells of Notre Dame Brigade
  48. Hercules’ Mighty Muses
  49. Tarzan’s Jungle Jamboree
  50. Frozen’s Ice Castle Crusaders

    Disney Parks and Attractions

  51. Space Mountain’s Cosmic Cadets
  52. Pirates of the Caribbean’s Black Pearl Buccaneers
  53. Haunted Mansion’s Ghostly Ghouls
  54. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad’s Wild West Wranglers
  55. It’s a Small World’s Tiny Travelers
  56. Peter Pan’s Flight’s Neverland Navigators
  57. Jungle Cruise’s Amazon Explorers
  58. Splash Mountain’s Laughing Logs
  59. Indiana Jones Adventure’s Temple of Doom Daredevils
  60. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’s Jedi Knights

    Disney TV Shows

  61. Hannah Montana’s Pop Star Posse
  62. Wizards of Waverly Place’s Russo Renegades
  63. Suite Life of Zack & Cody’s Tipton Titans
  64. That’s So Raven’s Psychic Squad
  65. Cory in the House’s White House Warriors
  66. Jessie’s New York City Crew
  67. Austin & Ally’s Hollywood Hotshots
  68. Liv and Maddie’s Rooney Revolutionaries
  69. Girl Meets World’s Matthews Mavericks
  70. Andi Mack’s Bexley Bulldogs

    Disney Channel Original Movies

  71. High School Musical’s Wildcats
  72. Camp Rock’s Camp Rockers
  73. Starstruck’s Hollywood Hearts
  74. Lemonade Mouth’s Lemonade Mouth
  75. Teen Beach Movie’s Beach Blanket Baddies
  76. Cloud 9’s Cloud 9 Crew
  77. Descendants’ Isle of the Lost Legends
  78. Zombies’ Seabrook Zombies
  79. Kim Possible’s Team Possible
  80. Phineas and Ferb’s Danville Doofuses

    Disney XD Shows

  81. Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil’s Daredevil Squad
  82. Lab Rats’ Mighty Mutants
  83. Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja’s Ninja Nation
  84. Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero’s Part-Time Posse
  85. Milo Murphy’s Law’s Murphy’s Mob
  86. Star vs. the Forces of Evil’s Mewni Mavericks
  87. DuckTales’ Duckburg Defenders
  88. Amphibia’s Plantar Powerhouse
  89. The Owl House’s Hexside Howlers
  90. Big City Greens’ Green Family Gladiators

    Disney Junior Shows

  91. Doc McStuffins’ Doc’s Crew
  92. Sofia the First’s Royal Royals
  93. Elena of Avalor’s Avalor Academy
  94. Moana’s Moana Moana Moana
  95. The Lion Guard’s Pride Lands Protectors
  96. Puppy Dog Pals’ Puppy Power Patrol
  97. Vampirina’s Transylvania Terrors
  98. Fancy Nancy’s Fancy Nancy’s Fashionistas
  99. T.O.T.S.’s Tiny Ones Transport Team
  100. Muppet Babies’ Muppet Mayhem

    Pixar Movies

  101. Toy Story’s Toy Box Team
  102. Monsters, Inc.’s Monsters, Inc. Monsters
  103. Finding Nemo’s Finding Nemo Navigators
  104. Cars’ Radiator Springs Racers
  105. Inside Out’s Emotions Express
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