105 Amusing Pub Quiz Team Names Guaranteed to Make You the Life of the Party

105 Amusing Pub Quiz Team Names Guaranteed to Make You the Life of the Party

Pub quizzes are a great way to test your knowledge, have a laugh with friends, and maybe even win a prize. If you’re looking for a team name that will make you the life of the party, here are 105 amusing options to choose from.

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Funny Pub Quiz Team Names

1. The Quizzards of Oz

2. The A-Team (of Trivia)

3. The Brainiacs

4. The Eggheads

5. The Know-It-Alls

6. The Smartasses

7. The Trivia Titans

8. The Pub Quiz Pros

9. The Masterminds

10. The Geniuses

Pop Culture Pub Quiz Team Names

11. The Avengers of Trivia

12. The Justice League of Knowledge

13. The Star Wars Geeks

14. The Trekkies

15. The Potterheads

16. The Whovians

17. The Sherlockians

18. The Game of Thrones Nerds

19. The Walking Dead Survivors

20. The Stranger Things Crew

Punny Pub Quiz Team Names

21. The Quizzical Quizzers

22. The Trivia Treasures

23. The Know-It-Owl-s

24. The Brainy Bunch

25. The Smartypants

26. The Wise Guys

27. The Pun-derful Pub Quiz Team

28. The Trivia Tease

29. The Quizlamicals

30. The Triviaholics

Creative Pub Quiz Team Names

31. The Pub Quiz All-Stars

32. The Trivia Mavericks

33. The Knowledge Seekers

34. The Brain Trust

35. The Think Tank

36. The Idea Factory

37. The Creative Crew

38. The Out-of-the-Box Thinkers

39. The Lateral Thinkers

40. The Disruptive Innovators

Humorous Pub Quiz Team Names

41. The Pub Quiz Posse

42. The Trivia Troublemakers

43. The Know-It-Alls (But Not Really)

44. The Brainiacs (But Not Really)

45. The Eggheads (But Not Really)

46. The Smartasses (But Not Really)

47. The Trivia Titans (But Not Really)

48. The Pub Quiz Pros (But Not Really)

49. The Masterminds (But Not Really)

50. The Geniuses (But Not Really)

Clever Pub Quiz Team Names

51. The Pub Quiz Pioneers

52. The Trivia Trailblazers

53. The Knowledge Navigators

54. The Brain Explorers

55. The Thought Leaders

56. The Idea Generators

57. The Creative Catalysts

58. The Innovation Mavericks

59. The Disruptive Thinkers

60. The Game-Changers

Witty Pub Quiz Team Names

61. The Pub Quiz Pundits

62. The Trivia Gurus

63. The Knowledge Ninjas

64. The Brain Surgeons

65. The Thought Police

66. The Idea Factory

67. The Creative Geniuses

68. The Innovation Rockstars

69. The Disruptive Disruptors

70. The Game-Changing Game-Changers

Unique Pub Quiz Team Names

71. The Pub Quiz Illuminati

72. The Trivia Syndicate

73. The Knowledge Cartel

74. The Brain Trust

75. The Think Tank

76. The Idea Factory

77. The Creative Collective

78. The Innovation Lab

79. The Disruptive Force

80. The Game-Changing Mavericks

Funny Pub Quiz Team Names

81. The Pub Quiz Posse

82. The Trivia Troublemakers

83. The Know-It-Alls (But Not Really)

84. The Brainiacs (But Not Really)

85. The Eggheads (But Not Really)

86. The Smartasses (But Not Really)

87. The Trivia Titans (But Not Really)

88. The Pub Quiz Pros (But Not Really)

89. The Masterminds (But Not Really)

90. The Geniuses (But Not Really)

Quirky Pub Quiz Team Names

91. The Pub Quiz Pandas

92. The Trivia Turtles

93. The Knowledge Koalas

94. The Brain Bunnies

95. The Thoughtful Toucans

96. The Creative Cats

97. The Innovative Iguanas

98. The Disruptive Dolphins

99. The Game-Changing Giraffes

100. The Mind-Blowing Monkeys

Random Pub Quiz Team Names

101. The Pub Quiz Pioneers

102. The Trivia Trailblazers

103. The Knowledge Navigators

104. The Brain Explorers

105. The Thought Leaders

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